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The Socialist Republic of Ipswich


Ipswich Council doesn’t even try to hide it’s Socialist ideology

I don’t know if the sight of a snowman sitting in a park without a care in the world is more surreal than the sight of a park bench dedicated to Socialism in Ipswich, England.

This bench is in Alexandra Park and I am told, when the snow isn’t covering it, a very sturdy concrete base has been embedded into the ground as well, no doubt to stop those pesky Tories from removing the bench. The fault in that thinking is Tories believe in law and order whereas Labour are soft on crime.

Anyway, back to the immortalisation of Socialism in Alexandra Park. This is the same park which hosts the annual TUC Tory-bashing event, heavily subsidised by Ipswich Borough Council (as in you and I pay for a bunch of Socialists to sing the Red Flag and drone on about the evil “Tory cuts”).

It was particularly gut-wrenching to learn that it was the former Conservative-led coalition at Grafton House who allowed the multi-acre park to continue to be rented for a measly £250 (less than a meeting room costs to rent in central Ipswich) with security and cleaning-up thrown in for free. Needless to say, Labour have carried on as normal and gone one further by spending tax payers’ money to install a homage to one of the worst and truly evil political systems in the world: Socialism.

You couldn’t make it up.

Author: gavinmaclure

IT professional; political blogger, former Conservative councillor

5 thoughts on “The Socialist Republic of Ipswich

  1. "You couldn't make it up" – I think you probably have.Roger Mackay probably left the Labour Party around the same time, or possibly before Judy Terry. Perhaps some residual support for socialism on Cllr Terry's part is the reason (at least in Cllr Maclure's fevered imaginings) why as Leisure supremo at IBC under the blue & yellow Tory regime, she oversaw the use of Alexandra Park for the May Day event, for the rate Mr Maclure claims. That is assuming he's done any research about this issue. My bet is that the cost of the bench was paid for by Roger Mackay's friends and family – but surely Maclure will have checked this is not the case. After all, you couldn't make it up…

  2. The bench is dedicated to Roger Mackay rather than to Socialism. Roger was a Socialist and President of the Ipswich TUC for many years which is noted on the bench.The bench was paid for by the Ipswich TUC , Trade Unions and Family. No public money was involved. I don't think it is brave or funny to attack a memorial to a very popular man who did a lot of work in the Ipswich Community.

  3. I don't think it is appropriate for public land to be used in an overtly political way. And anything which is on public land will cost the public money, for instance in litter clearing.I don't see many memorials to leading Conservatives in Ipswich.

  4. I agree wholeheartedly with Harvey Crane. There should be memorials to very popular men and women who have done a lot of work in the Ipswich Community.

    Indeed the Reg Driver Visitor Centre, in Christchurch Park, is named after a former Tory leader. I don’t know much about the funding of it, but no doubt it costs public money, for instance for litter picking.

    Gavin, on this you are simply wrong.

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