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Mass immigration is making British workers poorer

Census 2011 reveals immigration numbers are higher than we thought

There have been a flurry of news stories over the last few days, which are all intertwined.

On Monday I found myself agreeing with Labour’s Chris Bryant. I am almost nauseous in writing this but as I tweeted at the time Mr Bryant spoke a lot of sense. He was pointing out how big firms like Tesco and Next deliberately set out to recruit foreign workers over UK nationals. For all their weasel words about Corporate Social Responsibility, large companies couldn’t give two hoots about ensuring local people benefit from having the likes of Tesco, Next and any other business trading in their village, town or city. Their only concern is maximising profits and if that means busing in Poles in their early twenties with no family ties or dependencies to pack containers in a distribution warehouse for a much lower cost than a person with a family to support then so be it. What do the senior managers care? They are doing very nicely back at the mansion in Hertfordshire with their cheap immigrant nanny and gardener.

But the issue of immigrants undercutting the unskilled and semi-skilled indigenous workforce is not a simple one.

Later on Monday Channel 4 broadcast a documentary entitled ‘Benefits Britain 1949‘ which took three benefits claimants from 2013 back in time to the rules of the welfare state in 1949. The documentary demonstrated once again how ridiculously generous the welfare system in Britain has become. William Beveridge, the economist who designed the welfare state and was later implemented by the newly elected Labour government in 1945, did so for one main purpose: to stop people starving. If you fell out of work, Beveridge, rightly, stated people in a civilised country should not starve to death as a result. That is all it was meant to do.

William Beveridge

William Beveridge

But in 2013, millions of people receive handouts and in some families, three generations have NEVER worked. They have everything paid for by the State (i.e. the taxpayer) and we are not just talking about food and heating. Flat screen TVs, Xbox, Sky TV, cigarettes, alcohol, cars. The list goes on. We learnt from Channel 4’s documentary half the population of Nottingham are on benefits. Beveridge will be spinning in his grave.

On Channel 4’s Benefits Britain 1949 there was a woman called Karen who hadn’t worked for years and certainly didn’t look like she went without food. She pulled up at the Labour and Welfare Office (as the Job Centre was called back in 1949) in a shiny new car, paid for by the taxpayer through her Mobility handout. Karen then met the welfare officers who interviewed her for eligibility for out-of-work payment. Karen was keen to point out every part of her body had an ailment and so she was judged eligible for some form of handout from the 1949 UK state. But it was nowhere near as generous as she gets today in 2013. Karen’s 1940s weekly handout was deemed to be £38.48 (adjusted for today’s prices) — compared to the £155.34 she currently receives. The car she has courtesy of her Mobility allowance was also taken away. Karen’s immediate response was to hurl expletives saying: “I’ve done my f***ing share for Britain, I’m doing no more. They can f*** off.”

Later Karen has a medical assessment using 1949 criteria for determining her fitness to work. Karen is asked to lift a bag of potatoes which she fails to even lift off the floor so the doctor places just one potato on the desk in front of her and asks Karen to pick it up. She pauses and then reluctantly decides to pick it up but immediately complains of pain in her arm. The doctor then asks her to cut out the shape of a star from a piece of paper which Karen bounds up to do, until the doctor explains it will help assess if she is capable of tailoring work. Karen suddenly has a pain in her thumb.

The problem with Karen is there are millions more like her in Britain and this is one of the reasons why millions of other workers are fed ‘chicken corn’ by their employers or not even offered work at all. There is just no competition in the indigenous workforce as millions know they are paid more in benefits than work could offer them. The labour gap is then filled with cheaper, eager young workers from other EU countries with no family ties or dependencies enabling businesses to lower wages to maximise their profits. It is then the unskilled and semi-skilled UK nationals who suffer as they are caught between a rock and a hard place: many want to work but cannot afford to as wages are lower than benefits. So immigrants who are being paid, in some cases ten times what they could get paid for the same job back home, suck up the jobs and the vicious circle keeps on turning. There is a solution of course: cut and cut again the welfare bill. Lowering it to a cap of £26,000 (which is equivalent to earning £35,000 in work), as the Coalition have now done, is insulting not only to the taxpayer but to the unskilled and semi-skilled people desperate for a job.

Back in Benefits Britain 1949, Beveridge’s original inception was proving fruitful once more. Another claimant featured was Craig who has spina bifida and is confined to a wheelchair to move around. He is, rightly, on disability allowance, but in 1949 a person with a serious condition like Craig’s would not receive his current £171.25 a week and instead he would have been paid just £7.49 (adjusted for today’s prices) a week to stop him starving. I’m glad the system has progressed to offer Craig greater monetary assistance from the State today but the 1949 system was actually very generous indeed. In the documentary, Craig was offered a training course to help him get a job and if he accepted the course he would get £100 a week. Craig is provided with a training course in a call centre selling entertainment venue tickets. The office environment, desk, computer, telephone setup is ideal for Craig with his disability and he soons excels – to the extent the boss offers him a job. Craig is overwhelmed with happiness and tells the producers this is the first time he has ever been offered a job. In 1949, companies were compelled to take on disabled workers and they would be prosecuted if they failed to comply. The documentary presented a startling statistic which dismisses the notion everything was horrible and evil in the past and today is the enlightenment era: in 2013, only 46% of disabled people are in work; in 1949, 94% were.

Yesterday, the perversity of the way modern Britain allocates money was thrown into the spotlight once again when it was announced railway season tickets will be going up by as much as 9.1% from January. Whilst we are happy for ordinary workers to be squeezed of tax until the pips squeak to pay the likes of Karen to sit on her backside all day, the same workers are then hit AGAIN with exorbitant travel costs they MUST pay to get to work to PAY their taxes. Surely, we should be helping those who work hard and keep the country afloat and not assist millions to shy away from work?  I’m surprised us hard working people in this country haven’t revolted yet.

Of course the Government can get away with setting rules which allow train operators to impose inflation-busting ticket price increases as the workers who pay the country’s bills are a captive market. More and more people have to commute long distances to reach work because the cost of housing closer to their place of work is too expensive. On top of that because of mass immigration caused in part by an incredibly generous welfare system, overall competition for jobs is cut-throat, thereby keeping wages down as well.

It all comes back to immigration. No wonder EU-phile Chris Bryant has been forced to talk about it. It is the number one issue when voters are asked in surveys because the people know it is the reason why their pay is low, their son cannot get a job and the reason millions of idle work shy Karens sit at home all day feeding off the wages of those who have jobs. We know it must stop but the papers on Thursday tell us the political elite still don’t get it.

Quelle surprise, the number of Romanians and Bulgarians heading to Britain has increased by 37,000 since June last year taking the total to 141,000. How, you may ask, is this possible when the accession rules forbidding Romanians and Bulgarians from working freely across the EU is not lifted until next year? Ah, they use a well-known loophole in the rules and declare themselves self-employed so no work visa is required. Sir Andrew Green, Chairman of MigrationWatch, estimates 50,000 Bulgarians and Romanians will arrive in Britain each year for the next five years. So Tesco and Next can breathe a sigh of relief there profit margins aren’t going to be squeezed by the demands of local people wanting work quite yet. The peasants are back in their box for the time being.

It is time Britain was less tolerant. We pour £50 Million a day into Brussels but receive very little back. What does our EU membership fee get us? It allows millions of EU migrants, some from very poor countries like Romania and Bulgaria, to come over to Britain and look for work. The operative word being ‘look’. The likes of Tesco and Next might give them work – for less than they would pay the indigenous peasants population – but even if they don’t, the same migrants can board the great UK welfare gravy train and start claiming for housing allowance, income support, mobility handout, and, of course, the state pension.

I’m surprised Great Britain hasn’t sunk yet under the weight of the mass influx from East, West, South, North within the EU into our little island, which due to following an economic model which actually works (unlike the Eurozone), enacted by Margaret Thatcher, we became one of the richest countries on Earth, never mind Europe. But in typical socialist fashion, Brussels has dictated they will have our money thank you very much, and the mass redistribution of wealth from the UK to the other 27 EU states is now the order of the day.

Isn’t it time we put our own people first?



Census 2011 reveals immigration numbers are higher than we thought

Mass Immigration: UK population up 4 Million

The Office for National Statistics a couple of weeks ago started to reveal the results of their number crunching from the Census of every man, woman and child in the United Kingdom on 27th March 2011.

The mainstream press and programmes like the BBC’s Question Time touched on the immigration figures in particular but the numbers only told us the depressing state of affairs we knew already: mass immigration was left unchecked by the Labour Party for a decade.

The population of England and Wales has increased by 3.7 million since 2001 to 56.1 million with 55% of this increase (2.1 million) due to migration, two-thirds from non-EU countries. When Northern Ireland and Scotland are added into the mix the United Kingdom population stands at 63.1 million, up 4 million since 2001.

The most shocking statistic was almost 3 million people in England don’t speak English! This is a recipe for distrust and community segregation, fuelled by the continuing obsession local authorities (including Ipswich Borough Council) have with flawed multiculturalism policies. The key for any harmonious society is integration not segregation but this doesn’t fit with the liberal bigot’s world view where everyone must be pigeon holed so they know who to patronise and who to denigrate. A classic case in point was self-styled “enlightened” liberal Will Self on BBC1 Question Time on 13th December peddling the same old bigotry that anyone who questions immigration numbers are racist.

So because whole swathes of the silent majority were too scared of people like Will Self calling them a racist the Labour Party were left unchecked to implement their political project of mass immigration. Now that is no exaggeration. Andrew Neather, former special advisor to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett, revelaed to the Evening Standard in 2009 that mass immigration was a deliberate political strategy “to rub the Right’s nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date.”

Apology of sorts: Ed Miliband

I believe in integrating communities not segregating them as this leads to a more harmonious society with less distrust of others. On that premise, it was quite wrong the Labour Party allowed 3 million people to live in England who cannot speak English. Some of these people are even nurses in our hospitals. Were any checks done to see if someone can actually communicate within the country they want to WORK and live in? Of course not. The Labour Party were too busy waving people into Britain to end the discussion over multiculturalism and to “rub the Right’s nose in diversity”. This was social engineering on a grand scale. And Labour knew this, hence Ed Miliband’s semi-apology last week once he knew the game was up with the release of the Census 2011 figures.

There is nothing wrong with immigration, per se, as long as it is controlled. Australia and the USA manage a perfectly good immigration system through a points system, which amongst other things ensures you can speak English before you are handed a work permit. Why didn’t we?

Due to Labour’s deliberate policy of mass immigration for purely political purposes, we now have overcrowding on our trains, in our classrooms and on our wards. There isn’t enough money to pay for the burden an extra 4 million people have placed on public service provision and on top of that we have whole  cities – like Bradford – where communities are segregated (Northern Ireland-style) as if different countries existed within them. This is a toxic mix which the liberal metropolitan elite in London may be proud of but it only feeds distrust and friction up and down the land.

The most depressing aspect of uncontrolled immigration is the deflation of wages for non-skilled and semi-skilled jobs. You’ll always hear the Director of the CBI or business chiefs extolling the virtues of mass immigration. I wonder why? Businesses only care about making and keeping money in profits. Immigrants are in many cases desperate for a better life and that motivates them to work hard, for longer and – most importantly to your businessman – FOR LESS. So lots more lolly for the same business “leaders” to spend on private tuition fees for the kids, a bigger house away from those crowded town and cities, and cheaper nannies and gardeners! If I was a rich businessman (and if I didn’t have a conscience) I’d be quite keen on mass immigration as well!

And of course, the negative side affects of mass immigration – bursting transport systems, 30+ children per class, nurses who don’t speak English when your wife is giving birth etc – don’t bother a rich businessman as they don’t have to worry about such things if the children are educated at Tonbridge or Eton, or when its Bupa and Nuffield all the way for healthcare, and isn’t public transport for the plebs??

It’s a mess and I don’t pretend to resolve the effect mass immigration has had in Britain in one blog post. The only hope is it will add to a sensible debate on immigration and will help to put pressure on the Coalition government who are still doing too little to control immigration today.

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Rail mayhem on Great Eastern mainline

Train to nowhere: Greater Anglia services last night were thrown into chaos

Last night was the worst rail experience – by far – I have ever experienced on the shambles that is the Great Eastern mainline.

It was compounded by delays occurring on Tuesday as well because of “slippery rail conditions” – that is it was raining!

Yesterday though was beyond reason. Firstly, the service was due to be delayed because of speed restrictions. As soon as the conductor had told us this, and before we had even pulled out of London Liverpool Street, she came back on the tannoy to announce there had been a fatality at Goodmayes railway station in north east London. As soon as I heard this, I factored in a two hour delay.

I know how long it takes because I have previously been on a train which has hit a ‘jumper’. And by the time the police had found all the different body parts and bagged them up and once the driver had been relieved of his duty it had been a two hour wait. This is still way too long though to clean up the site.

But last night, things took even longer. Two hours later the conductor told us the police had yet to find a body and were still “investigating”. Half an hour later we were told there was no body, therefore nobody had committed suicide by train, and we would be soon on our way (slowly as you will find out in a moment!).

But first, why does it take two and a half hours for British Transport Police to realise no one has actually jumped in front of a train? The report from Morning Ipswich Star is almost comical. The train driver at Goodmayes thinks he saw someone lean off the platform despite there being no body on the line but there was a dent on the front of the train. So based on that flimsy account of events, thousands of people were held in cramp conditions, which would not be legal for transporting cattle, for hours.

Sardines: People pay good money to travel like this

Then the fun really began. By the time the police had decided they couldn’t find a body or body parts, they opened the line again (how nice of them). Two and half hours had elapsed. Our 19:00 service then became the 21:30 to Norwich and was duly announced on the station concourse at Liverpool Street as ready for departure. Bearing in mind it was standing room only on the held 19:00 service, five hundred people then descended on to the platform to board the same train. Infrequent passengers on the already standing-room-only train were asking where the hoards of people running down the platform were going? The look of incomprehension on their faces when we told them they were boarding this train was a picture to behold.

So, the police closed the line for two and half hours for “safety reasons” to hunt for a non-existent person but cramming in a further 500 people into already overcrowded small compartments for a three hour journey to Norwich is perfectly safe is it?

Health & Safety: Cattle have better travel conditions

We then finally crawled out of Liverpool Street at 21:30 but as if nothing else could go wrong, it did. A freight train broke down in front of us, forcing us to descend to a walking pace. We finally got into Ipswich at midnight. As one fellow commuter said, it would have been quicker to cycle the 80 miles from London.  All in all, because I had travelled from Reading yesterday, it took me seven hours to get home from work!

One thing that struck me last night was how hardly anyone complains when an event like this occurs. There was also a level of stupidity. Some people wanted to get something to eat and a drink (preferably alcoholic) but the buffet car was blocked by people sitting in the aisles. Instead of stepping out of the train on to the platform, walking a short distance and then stepping into the buffet car, several people just moaned (the only time they actually did complain) they couldn’t get through and went back to their seats! I think this must be one of the reasons why we have such a poor rail service in the UK: operators realise they can get away with it because the customers are either too polite or stupid to complain about the criminally expensive service they receive.

Well, you may have guessed I am not one for being quiet. First thing this morning I contacted my MP to highlight the woeful and time-wasting processes British Transport Police follow in the event of an actual or imagined fatality. I await Ben Gummer’s investigation.

To end, there is one main reason travelling in this country is such a horrible experience not matched on the European Continent: there are too many people. The immigration policies of the last fifteen years, primarily caused by the Labour Party to deliberately dilute the British identity, has led to South East England being one of the most densely populated regions in the world. We know it is caused by immigration as the indigenous birth rate has fallen off a cliff and every time I take a train it is like being at a session of the UN assembly considering the number of different languages being spoken into mobile phones up and down the carriage.

Now, I love different cultures and peoples but we can’t just continue ramming thousands of people into a small patch of land off the north coast of the European continent unless the public services are enhanced to reflect the demand. But that can’t happen without massive public spending and the UK taxpayer is already shelling out enough cash to the Exchequer. Therefore, the Government needs to “get with the programme” and start implementing a workable immigration policy. But for now, I’m just glad I am working from home today.

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UPDATE: Non-EU nationals waved into Britain

It seems I was on to something in my post yesterday when I suggested, somewhat tongue in cheek, the reason UK Border Agency senior officials ordered border guards not to bother checking non-EU nationals’ passports this summer. My suggestion was…well…somewhat on the money.

Phil Woolas, an ex Labour MP, is quoted in today’s Daily Telegraph stating his Government’s policies to get a grip on immigration (albeit very late in the day!) were constantly obstructed by Whitehall civil servants. Now as a former local government councillor, I know what Mr Woolas means, albeit on a smaller scale. The civil service is full of vested interests and thoroughly left-wing, especially in local government. Strong political leadership is essential to overcome the hurdles and obstructions civil servants throw in the way of elected politicians or all you get is government by unelected bureaucrats. The Sir Humphrey’s of the civil service will always find a reason, procedure, protocol, or directive why a minister or councillor should not do something. The key is for the politician not to be persuaded and to always question: some are better at doing this than others.

However, it seems the Home Office officials have gone one step further and actually changed government policy without consulting the Home Secretary, Theresa May. Their actions may actually mean a civil servant ends up in prison as they could have threatened national security. And today it has been made known UKBA officials have accepted bribes for allowing non-EU nationals to enter the country illegally.

The issue of controlled immigration or lack of in the UK is always at the top of the issues voters most care about. The e-Petition ‘No to 70 million’ calling on the government to get immigration down to a level that will stabilise the UK population as close to the present level as possible is now very close to attracting the 100,000 signatures required for it to be considered by Parliament’s Backbench Business Committee, which is one step before a full debate in the House of Commons. The current number of signatures are 92,984. You can sign the petition here.

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Non-EU nationals waved into Britain

News has broke today that senior officials at the UK Border Agency (UKBA) told border guards to not bother checking passports of non-EU nationals at the UK border in our seaports and airports.

When anyone enters the UK – British citizens or not – our passports are meant to be ‘scanned’ against databases of known names of those who are a risk or threat to the UK. That is what border guards are doing when they place your passport under the scanner at their post. But it seems this summer somebody, undoubtedly very senior, at the UKBA – without the permission of ministers – ordered border guards not to bother checking non-EU passports and instead just to glance at them and let anybody in. The reason for this given so far were the queues at the border were too long; I at least hope this was the reason and not a left-wing culture in the Home Office that would prefer to continue rubbing the Right’s nose in diversity.

Compare this to entering the United States. Firstly, you can’t even get on the plane in the originating country without telling the US Government in advance you are coming and then you have to tell them the same information you told them before you left in your landing card, and then, typically, you need to wait an hour in an immigration queue before being grilled by a border guard. Now, that is what I call immigration control. It seems the UK Home Office wouldn’t know the meaning of the word ‘control’.

The head of the UKBA, Brodie Clark, has already been suspended, as well as two other senior officials. 
Theresa May needs to get a grip and fast.

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Immigration debate is needed

Bridge Ward News have posted an excellent piece on the immigration debate today, which calmly sums up the current position on this subject and the issues which occurred as a result of the uncontrolled immigration Labour allowed during their thirteen years in power.

The key point is politicians of all parties fail to debate immigration, not necessarily because they are scared of being classed, wrongly, as racist (although that is one reason) but because they fail to grasp the problem: that is the working people of this country are those who suffer most from uncontrolled immigration as it deflates their wages and takes away their jobs.  Contrary to Bridge Ward News this isn’t just an unskilled worker’s problem but affects many jobs and professions, including swathes of the employed Middle Class.  It is not a problem, of course, for the business owner who wants workers on the cheap, which includes many business-owning politicians.

In addition, services such as healthcare and school places are not keeping up with demand, and it is the same people whose jobs are under threat and whose wages are deflated who suffer as a result of overstretched services.  Politicians can always go private of course.

Bridge Ward News makes the strong point that if the Conservatives had actually talked about the issues which affect voters, we would have won a majority in Westminster last May.  I’d agree wholeheartedly with this.  We would have won if Cameron had talked about immigration and lower taxes instead of an untested wishy-washy policy which no one understands called ‘The Big Society’.  This policy might work in Windsor where some mums don’t work (and therefore have plenty of time to do things for the ‘community’) as their husbands are making quite enough, thank-you, as stockbrokers in the City but in the marginal seats up and down the land it means nothing and therefore hardly encourages them to vote Tory.

Back to the immigration debate, it is encouraging to see the Home Secretary, Theresa May, driving forward the Coalition’s policy of reducing net immigration to the tens of thousands not hundreds of thousands, despite the best efforts of Nick Clegg to scupper the policy.  Much work, however, needs to be done to address the damage done by Labour by allowing uncontrolled immigration over thirteen years and that means talking more about the subject which voters regularly put at the top of their concerns.