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Labour happily see Ipswich lie derelict


Derelict: Grafton Way site - just as Labour like it

Derelict: Grafton Way site – just as Labour like it (Pic: Ipswich Spy)

During the Conservative-Liberal Democrat Ipswich Borough Council controlled days Tesco approached the Council with a very large cheque book and requested permission to build a new superstore, a hotel, a piazza, apartments and smaller retail units on the former B&Q site on Grafton Way. Tesco also offered – if they achieved planning permission for the Grafton Way site – to pay for new traffic flow improvements where the flawed double roundabout currently exists outside the Novotel hotel. Total investment would be £90 Million from Tesco. Total jobs would be 900. And that’s not counting the construction jobs which local firms would have enjoyed during the build stage.

The Conservative-led council weighed up the pros and cons of such a development (cons very difficult to envisage) and duly gave Tesco planning permission and looked forward to the massive investment and jobs Ipswich was soon to enjoy. Labour had vigorously opposed the investment and new jobs every step of the way.

The economy, run by the Labour Government, then took a disastrous turn for the worse and by the time Labour took control of Ipswich Borough Council in 2011 Tesco were wondering if they could afford to go ahead with such a scheme. Their new chief executive, Philip Clarke, ordered a review of their proposed developments. Despite this, Tesco proposed to still invest in Ipswich but perhaps with just the superstore element of the scheme, which would still create hundreds of jobs and payment for the road improvements.

Labour’s response was not to promote Ipswich as an area where Tesco would be welcome to spend their cash and create much needed jobs for local people. Instead, Labour councillors made it perfectly clear to anyone who would listen (local paper, radio, TV) they didn’t want to do business with Tesco and in fact hated Tesco so much they opposed their smaller investment into a site in East Ipswich only to find out Tesco weren’t seeking planning permission – it was Sainsbury’s.

Needless to say when Tesco’s planners at their Cheshunt HQ were deciding where in the country to invest millions of pounds they concluded it was not worth their while to tackle rabid socialists in Ipswich on top of the challenges of developing their business in very difficult economic times. So they pulled the entire scheme, superstore and all. Bye bye millions of pounds and hundreds of jobs. I bet Cllr David Ellesmere and the Ipswich Labour politburo were very pleased with themselves. I can hear them now in Silent Street patting each other on the back for helping to keep people on welfare payments and trapped in their council-owned homes.

And today we learn the consequences of Labour’s hatred of enterprise and business. Tesco have put the Grafton Way land on the market with the Borough Council promoting the site for sole residential use which will bring in only a fraction of the investment Tesco’s scheme would have ploughed into the Ipswich economy. Consequently, this part of the Waterfront from the ‘wine rack’ down to Princes Street bridge will be derelict for many years to come.

But why should we be surprised by the destructive economic policies of Labour. Ipswich docks was one of the last in the country to be privatised and so the kick-start to regeneration of the Waterfront was ten years behind towns with similar inland ports such as Bristol – with the Ipswich redevelopment only taking place from 2003 onwards. I wonder who was in charge of Ipswich when towns like Bristol were investing for the future in the early 1990s? Yep, you guessed it. The good Old Labour party.


Author: gavinmaclure

IT professional; political blogger, former Conservative councillor

10 thoughts on “Labour happily see Ipswich lie derelict

  1. So The Conservative-led council weighed up the pros and cons and agreed the Grafton Way development??? Thought it was the planning committee- so had the Tory members already decided? Panning is non political- are you implying it was a group action?
    Same Tory led council who sold the Civic Centre site to another developer then promoted the Grafton Way development straight afterwards- leaving the Civic Centre site derelict?

  2. Don’t be so naive Alasdair – of course planning is political. It should be – councillors are elected as POLITICIANS to make decisions on behalf of their electorate. If I elect a Tory I EXPECT them to vote for business and enterprise at a planning committee!

    Same reason I am not surprised Labour voted against Tesco jobs: you prefer people to sit on benefits all day and have no aspiration. That’s what socialism is all about isn’t it? Keeping everyone in their box?

  3. Alasdair – the Labour group has pre-meetings before Planning Committee doesn’t it?

  4. Paul from what Gavin has written it is not the Tory Panning members who had a pre meet but the whole Tory Group – not sure the owners of the Civic Centre site will be that impressed

  5. What is “Panning”, I wonder? My dictionary defines it as prospecting for gold.

  6. Planning – but seems like the planning committee was not needed as according to Gavin the Tory Group had decided to go ahead with the Tesco plan!

  7. Alasdair we’ve had this conversation more than once. You made it perfectly clear at the time that “Labour” had voted against the scheme. This was duly reported on Ipswich Spy. Nobody from the Labour Party complained that this was misrepresenting their views.

    If Planning were to be truly apolitical, councillors should not have group pre-meetings before the committee to determine, well what, exactly?

    Gavin it is slightly unfair to suggest, as you do, that IBC are promoting the site for residential. Judy suggested in her comment in the article that I wrote that the residential recommendation came from IBC, but in the residential recommendation was actually what industry sources tell me Spenhill’s agents are promoting. I think it is a stretch to go as far as you do in saying this.

  8. Reblogged this on Gavin Maclure's Musings and commented:

    This is a post I wrote back in September about the derelict site on Grafton Way which was once earmarked for a £90M investment comprising a hypermarket, hotel and piazza facing the Waterfront. That is it was until Labour got back into power in 2011 when they made it perfectly clear to Tesco they didn’t want their money or jobs. Today, the funeral took place when Tesco decided enough was enough and pulled their final planning permission for a much scaled down development on the site.
    RIP Ipswich economic development. No flowers.

  9. An interesting discussion is worth comment. I believe that you ought to write more about this topic, it might not be a taboo subject but typically people do not discuss these subjects. To the next! Best wishes!!

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