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Miller resigns

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Culture Secretary Maria Miller has finally fallen on her sword scuttled out the back door and has resigned from the Government after a week of torrid headlines for the Conservative Party and Coalition Government.

I wouldn’t be surprised if submarine Osborne gave the order for Miller to be sunk when his excellent economic news from the IMF on the UK’s growth rate was sidelined to the FT as the mainstream press were still focusing on the arrogant and expense fiddling cabinet minister.

The prime minister does not come out of this well. David Cameron backed Mrs Miller to the hilt, despite her 32-second non-apology and “I’m more important than thou” attitude which swarmed around her. The PM’s reply in the traditional resignation letter exchange continues to show up David Cameron for the toff he is when he still doesn’t realise it is her behaviour in dealing with the expenses investigation that is almost worse than the expense fiddling itself. The PM thinks this is how one must deal with such matters – perhaps in a Jane Austen novel, Dave, but it’s just not how ordinary people think and behave.

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