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Are Ipswich Borough Council incompetent?


Sorry to sound like Jeremy Paxman but Ipswich Borough Council have some serious questions to answer over their dreadful promotion of the Olympic Torch Relay due to take place through Ipswich this week. The biggest show on Earth is about to take place in our country: the Olympic Games. And as part of that biggest show on Earth, there is the traditional torch relay through the host country. Ipswich is receiving the Olympic torch through our streets this Thursday 5th July and it will also stay overnight in Suffolk’s county town.

And how does Ipswich Borough Council cover this event on their website?
Not one mention of this once-in-a-lifetime event on their front page.

Three days to go: No mention of Olympic Torch Relay in Ipswich on Council website

I had to search through several pages to find details about the torch relay route and even then the details are incomplete with no link to a route map showing which streets the torch bearer will run through.

Luckily, I was passed an email sent to businesses from Ipswich Central – the town centre’s management company – which provides details of the torch relay route, timings and maps of the torch procession on the 5th July and 6th July. The communication also tells me which roads will be closed and provides answers to a host of frequently asked questions. This sums up the difference between business and the public sector. Why bother to think if the money just keeps on flowing in from the public, who will go to prison if they don’t pay? Why bother indeed!

I am lucky because I used to be a councillor and still keep in contact with many Conservative councillors on Ipswich Borough Council. It was one such councillor who provided me with the torch relay promotion email from Ipswich Central. The vast majority of residents in Ipswich would not have access to such information.

Now to be fair, much of the information Ipswich Central provided in their email to businesses came from Ipswich Borough Council but it’s the Council’s communication and presentation of this information on their OWN website which is very concerning. Why bury the details in the bowels of your website? Why not promote the world’s biggest show, which descends in Ipswich for a short while this week? Are Ipswich Borough Council averse to Britain’s achievements?

The two Labour councillors in charge of promoting the Olympic Torch Relay are Culture and Leisure chief Cllr Bryony Rudkin and her deputy, Olympics-mad Cllr Alasdair Ross. I trust they will have a word with the Council’s communications chief first thing on Monday morning.

As I service to those who are finding it difficult to find information about the Olympic Torch Relay in Ipswich taking place Thursday and Friday you can find information buried on Ipswich Borough Council’s website at here and here.

UPDATE – 2nd July: Ipswich Borough Council have now updated their website’s front page to include a story on the Olympic Torch Relay which links to a description of which roads the torch will pass along and the outline timings. A map of the torch relay route can also be downloaded. However, the new page does not contain all the details of road closures and the excellent host of answers to frequently asked questions which the Ipswich Central email to businesses contained.

I am sure it was purely coincidental the Council’s website was partially updated after my above post was published last night…

Author: gavinmaclure

IT professional; political blogger, former Conservative councillor

2 thoughts on “Are Ipswich Borough Council incompetent?

  1. Gavin, dear Gavin, I think that you’re ace,Although you are ginger and have a small face,True Blue through and through,What a rare view!You and your missus did put yourself out,Until the electorate voted you out.

  2. Hmm, Anonymous, I do wish you would reveal your identity…what have you got to hide?I've never had someone accuse me of a small face before…My wife and I have never been voted out of office – we both stood down before the respective election!

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