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WATCH: Tim Stanley: I Vow to Thee, My Country

BBC Question Time these days is usually far too right-on, metropolitan elite for my liking but last night was different because the new hero of the Right, Daily Telegraph blogger Tim Stanley, was on the panel.

The questions turned to Scottish Independence. Move over Darling (as an E. Blackadder would say) and unleash Mr Stanley into the Better Together campaign. Superb, superb, superb.

I was in Belgium this week and colleagues were comparing Scotland and England to Belgium and The Netherlands and the historical rivalry between their two countries which divides Belgium north to south (yes, indeed that bastion of EU-philia is not united themselves) but there is a slight difference: Scotland and England are the SAME country – and may our wonderful union continue for ever more. Vote No our Scottish friends on 18th September and stay with us.

Hat-tip to Guido Fawkes for video.