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Rabbit hutches

One of the Coalition’s huge failing is the lack of house building, which has pushed up house prices and locked millions of young professionals – who when their parents were the same age rightly expected to own their first or even second home – out of the housing market.

The reason for this travesty is young professionals no longer vote. But their parents – the babyboomers – do, so it doesn’t take a genius to realise why no new houses are being built next door to mum and dad.

The current hot weather also brings home the do-it-on-the-cheap mentality that developers pursue, when they are reluctantly given permission to build by the same babyboomer councillors, to ensure they meet affordable housing targets.  Today, new build homes, or units in the developer parlance, are little more than rabbit hutches for humans, to save on material costs and to cram as many homes to sell into one tiny scrap of land. But that doesn’t mean the few young professionals who are lucky enough to afford a home of their own get a cheaper deal. Don’t be silly. They will still pay sky-high prices to subsidise the affordable home quota.

And boil like rabbits in their hutches upon a summer’s night.

Solution: vote.