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So what does the reshuffle all mean then?

Ken Clarke bows out of Government, having spent a total of 20 years in ministerial posts in several Tory Governments

Ken Clarke bows out of Government, having spent a total of 20 years in ministerial posts in several Tory Governments

It is David Cameron doing what David Cameron does best: the heir to Blair. But just like another heir to the throne he doesn’t quite fit the same clothes.

But our dear leader does try nonetheless. Out go all those nasty white middle-class men (oh, you mean the ones who vote Tory by the millions?) and in comes the ex-TV presenters. But Dave being Dave, he does like a bit of blood when doing his re-shuffles, so he axed his best mate Michael Gove, booted fellow Europhile Ken Clarke to the backbenchers, and even two-brains David Willetts was fired.

William Hague chose the opportunity to sneak out the back-door and announce his retirement from politics at the General Election next year. It’s a real shame about the boy from Yorkshire who told the old fogeys at the 1977 Tory Conference they’d all be dead by the time he was in power never really fulfilled his potential. Yes, he made it to one of the big offices of State, the Foreign Office, but he was pure prime ministerial material if it wasn’t for the unfortunate episode of being Conservative leader straight after John Major had been royally kicked out of Number 10. That did it for “Team Hague” and the same passion he showed in 1977 was extinguished by the start of the noughties. Frankly, I’m surprised he hung on for over a decade more since he was sacked as leader.

Dave being Dave decided to axe the only real Tory in the Cabinet, Michael Gove, from his brief at the Education department because the teachers didn’t like him. I think that’s a bloody good reason to keep the man on – he must be doing (and was) a fantastic job. But it was all too ideological for Dave so he had to go. Replacing him is the excellent Nicky Morgan but again this will be a waste of talent as all she has to do is see the reforms Gove made implemented – I wonder if she’ll be able to stop the civil servants and the Lib Dems from watering down the legislation? Gove spent most of his time, it is rumoured, spotting and tackling mandarins, Nick Clegg and David Laws as they tried to stop the Government putting children first and teachers second.

One thing the British Civil Service is good at is changing the guard in an efficient manner: she’d hardly stepped out on to Downing Street after a chat with Dave (it is unsure if it was over red wine) when she was up in lights and Gove was kicked into the dark corridors of Westminster as the new chief whip.

I’m not overly fussed by the re-shuffle really: most of the electorate didn’t know who was in the cabinet on Sunday and most won’t know tomorrow.  It’s all about the politics and whose mush shows up on the regional and national news, hence former GMTV presenter Esther McVey being promoted to Employment Minister and “will attend cabinet” – in other words she is the new “minister for TV” – expect to see a lot of her on the airwaves between now and May next year.

Dave is obsessed that it is the nasty right-wing white males who are his problem, hence the cull of many white males (arguably right-wing but not all). This will cause a lot of rancour on the Tory backbenches and in the shire constituencies (where the Conservative base is), which might counter the new female faces he has promoted to step in front of the camera.

One thing which will really annoy the parliamentary party is the insult chucked at Liam Fox. The previously-fired former Defence Secretary (a position now held by Michael Fallon after Philip Hammond was shunted to the Foreign Office post-Hague) was offered by Dave a junior ministerial position in the Foreign Office if he wanted to return to Government. Dr Fox declined putting out this statement.  This blog is a family-friendly site so I shan’t provide the translation but it goes along the lines of “naff off” as Norman Fletcher used to say.

And in other news, Lord Hill, Leader of the House of Lords, has been nominated as the UK’s next European Commissioner. Who?

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Greedy energy companies hike bills again

energy bill increase

News broke this morning that SSE – one of the big six energy firms in the UK – are to increase their bills to customer ahead of the winter on average by 8.2%!

SSE are blaming the price of wholesale gas prices but, funnily enough, when the wholesale price decreases (which if frequently does) the hard-pressed customer sees zero reduction in their bills – across the board.

The real reason for twice (at least) a year rises in electricity and gas bills is because (as this blog has explained before) the Energy Act 2008 mandated in law that energy companies must invest billions in renewable energy to meet EU-directed targets on carbon reduction to offset unproven anthropogenic global warming.

The mastermind of the Energy Act 2008 was one Ed Miliband, now leader of the Labour Party and more than probable prime minister come May 2015 due to the stitched-up constituency boundaries which means the Conservatives have to win a higher percentage of the popular vote than Labour do to form a majority government. Ed Miliband was, of course, a hypocrite when he recently admonished the energy firms for hiking customer bills despite the wholesale market having peaks AND troughs. The Labour leader in his Conference promised to freeze energy bills for twenty months if his party got in at the next election. This has gone down very well in the country and the Tories are yet to counter with a better offer, instead seeming to be on the side of big business over hard-pressed consumers.

The energy firms though are a greedy bunch. Yes, they are forced to invest in renewable energy but the market is sewn up by a cartel of six firms which allows them to build up massive profits. But instead of using those profits to invest, they have time and time again come to you and I to pay for the government’s nonsensical green policies. Why? Because the Executives on the boards of the big six aren’t prepared to eat into their multi-million pound salaries, bonuses and share options. How else do the private school fees and nannies get paid for you ungrateful customers!?!?!

But let’s not forget the source of your massive energy bills is Ed Miliband. He is obsessed with green policies as this is the new name for Marxist policies. After all, the Green Party flourished after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

10% of your electricity and gas bill is a green tax to pay for wind mills that produce a miniscule of our energy requirements and have to be switched off when it gets too windy. Generators which actually work like coal or gas fired power stations are being shutdown at the behest of Brussels despite working perfectly well. And we are cutting off our nose despite our face whilst China opens two coal-fired stations a WEEK! These mad UK/EU government green policies and corporate greed amongst the big six is heading us on a downwards spiral to blackout despite our biggest outgoing being energy costs after your mortgage or rent. It is criminal behaviour by the powers-that-be.

And it looks as if the government know it. Just look at Coalition Business Minister Michael Fallon’s face when he is exposed as trying to water down the facts on Sky News this morning.

Oh dear, I bet the government is hoping the masses don’t wake up…