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Scrap the BBC Tax

BBC HR chief Lucy Adams

BBC HR chief Lucy Adams

Not content with paying the top bosses in the BBC six-figure payoffs and taking home over £300,000 a year herself, former HR director Lucy Adams is now using licence fee payers’ money to launch legal action against the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) after they complained in August about her HR department using “bullying as a means of control“. Adams instructed lawyers and her senior colleagues authorised her legal bill to be paid by the public. Charming.

Lucy Adams has said she is leaving the corporation in March next year to “try something new”. She was severely criticised by MPs when she appeared in front of the Public Accounts Committee during the BBC executive pay scandal with a member of the panel, Conservative Stewart Jackson MP, saying she “presided over” a culture of “corporate fraud and cronyism”.

Is this what we pay the licence fee for? As another junket for the boss class? It is immoral enough when private sector corporations have one rule for themselves and another for the workforce when it comes to pay and expenses but to have a massive national organisation like the BBC act in the same way with taxpayers’ money is beyond reproach.

More than ten per cent of all court cases in this country are for TV licence non-payments. Whilst Lucy Adams and her cronies have their snouts at the licence fee trough, single mothers are dragged in front of a judge because they couldn’t scrape together the £145.50 demanded by law to pay the legal fees of HR directors and payoffs to Director-Generals, one of whom only did the job for 54 days before being booted out!

It’s time to not just cut the BBC tax but scrap it altogether. State broadcasters are from an era when television had to be provided by the taxpayer as there weren’t any other capable broadcasters able to entertain the masses. Now with a zillion channels to choose from and a global market of television companies (look at the massive success of America’s HBO!) the BBC really is redundant and, frankly, quite sinister: aren’t State broadcasters now just the preserve of countries with tin-pot dictators who use it to spout communist loony lefty claptrap?

If David Cameron had some gumption, he would go into the next election promising to scrap the hated licence fee. Come on Dave, what are you waiting for?