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Is Labour-run Ipswich Borough Council subsidising this year’s Tory-bashing rally?

TUC Rally - Alexandra Park (5th May 2013)(Front)

The answer is – probably.

The TUC are having their annual rally today in Alexandra Park, east Ipswich, to protest against the ‘cuts’. It’s allegedly a ‘free family event’ but like all socialists they don’t seem to understand nothing in life is free. And especially for the taxpayer.

Last year James Spencer of the Bridge Ward News parish submitted a Freedom of Information request to Ipswich Borough Council asking how much the TUC union were paying to hire the multi-acre park for their yearly event to bash the Tories and promote their socialist ideology through loudspeakers to the local neighbourhoods.

The figure which came back was the laughable £250. That’s less than some businesses charge to hire meeting rooms in the town centre but the Labour-run council think it is the going-rate for hiring out several acres of land to an organisation who want to host multiple stages, amusements, catering outlets and a beer tent! And how much does the council charge the TUC to clear up the litter afterwards? That’s right, nothing.

And there is of course ‘local parking available’. As there is no car park serving Alexandra Park, ‘local parking’ is in fact residential side-streets, including where I live. So I get to subsidise this Far-Left event through my council tax and host additional vehicles down my road. Marvellous.

Comrade: Cllr David Ellesmere

Comrade: Cllr David Ellesmere

Unless Labour council leader Cllr David Ellesmere and his chums have seen the light and started charging the TUC market-rates, I would suggest this is corruption, pure and simple. How can it be right for a Labour-controlled local authority to heavily subsidise – with taxpayers’ money – a rally against the Conservative-led Government? 

Last year it was called off because the Trots didn’t fancy getting wet so I expect they will be chomping at the bit this time round to peddle their propaganda in the park and to the adjoining streets – I’m surprised the council hasn’t started erecting loudspeakers down my street. No wonder people call Suffolk’s county town the People’s Socialist Republic of Ipswich – state-funded events like these sound like Ipswich is trapped in the USSR in the 1980s. Well, have you seen some of the hairstyles and clothes of those attending today?