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Our economy needs an efficient mail network

Another chain around our economy’s neck was revealed today: the Royal Mail.

My wife recently posted a package on a Friday and paid extra, twice, once for Special Delivery then twice for Saturday Delivery, to ensure receipt of the package the next day. Unfortunately, the package did not arrive until Monday afternoon.

But you can get your money back. Just not easily. My wife duly returned to the post office she sent the package from and was told to fill a form out and send it to some obscure address. Instead of apologising for the lack of delivery at the paid time my wife was subjected to a diatribe by the post office staff about how “since TALK of privatisation” service at the Royal Mail had gone down and the number of missed deliveries had gone up. A friend of ours had the same issue and when she called Royal Mail they said: “We do get a lot of Special Deliveries you know?”.

So, instead of becoming more efficient in difficult economic times, like the growth inducing private sector, the staff at Royal Mail go in the opposite direction. Not that it is at the top of the Government’s agenda but should Royal Mail workers really be so surprised one half of the Government wants part privatisation of the service to sort their operations out.