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Boris wins, Conservative Party loses

As everyone now knows Boris Johnson is the newly elected Mayor of London. Some pundits are tipping him for the real top job one day when we might see him park his bike against the railing of No. 10. That could well happen but let’s not kid ourselves: Boris solidly outperformed (44.01% of the vote) Tory London Assembly candidates (31.98% of the vote) – it was the man that won it not the Party. In a General Election, hundreds of individual Conservatives would be up for election to Westminster and all would heavily rely on the Conservative Party brand to achieve victory. Not every parliamentary candidate has a personality like Boris. Therefore, unless the Conservative Party gets its act together, even Boris can’t save them.

Anyway, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Why would we want Boris as leader? He wouldn’t be much different from the liberal Prime Minister we have now. Boris, you see, is from the same stock as David Cameron. The kind who don’t have to worry about the common man on the street and his problems as they can live far enough away from them. They are relaxed about mass immigration as they don’t have to live in the same cramped neighbourhoods competing for scare GP places but they quite enjoy the rates of pay foreigners charge for cleaning their houses. Failing schools aren’t a problem either as they send their kids private. And quite frankly a moribund economy isn’t much of an issue either as people like the Cameron’s and Johnson’s have been recession bomb-proof for generations when it comes to their personal finances. 

Therefore, I find it a bit strange that arch-critic Nadine Dorries MP says she would back Boris in a leadership challenge (which, by the way, is not going to happen). The only difference between Boris and Dave is Boris has a personality which makes people laugh but underneath he is still a person who is intensely relaxed about gay marriage and doesn’t really want to shake the EU apple cart too much. 
Political geeks like me enjoy Boris’ antics on the political stage and his staged mumblings with an uncomfortable Dave at City Hall on Saturday were amusing but if we are to bring Britain back from this economic mess Labour bequeathed us, get control of our borders and make British people proud again it’s going to take more than a few jokes to achieve.