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I’m starting to warm to Cameron again

With the dulcet tone of the word “No” still ringing in our ears after David Cameron wielded the veto at the European Council meeting ten days ago, the Prime Minister has moved even further back into the Conservative fold by extolling the values and morals of Christianity.

Now, before someone gets up on their high horse, a slight little “calm down” note: Christian values of compassion, humanity and love for your common man are not exclusive to Christianity. Muslims, Jews and other religions believe in the same values and they, I am sure, would be the last to take offence when David Cameron said: “We are a Christian country. And we should not be afraid to say so.”  The PM, is, of course, right.

Mr Cameron made a keynote speech last Friday to Church of England members at Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, as part of events to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible.  So, oddly enough, the PM speech was on Christianity. Mr Cameron, also reminded people he is a practising (albeit “vaguely”) Christian of the Anglican denomination who will “stand up for the values and principles of my faith”. He goes on to say:

“Whether you look at the riots last summer, the financial crash and the expenses scandal, or the on-going terrorist threat from Islamist extremists around the world, one thing is clear: moral neutrality or passive tolerance just isn’t going to cut it anymore. Shying away from speaking the truth about behaviour, about morality, has actually helped to cause some of the social problems that lie at the heart of the lawlessness we saw with the riots.” 

As a Tory, who is a practising Christian myself, I find this encouraging.  I’ve always agreed with Mr Cameron on his social responsibility agenda but have been disappointed he has allowed the yellow peril to water down the tough action needed to encourage everyone to work hard and remove the “something for nothing” culture which is one of the worst legacies of the last Labour government. Welfare reform should be going faster and deeper; justice reform should not see ways to let criminals off but should see more prisons built to communicate that crime leads to punishment to name but two policy areas.

In his speech David Cameron referred again to the “moral-collapse” in some parts of the UK, a phrase he used back in August to describe the riots. Of course, this moral collapse was a deliberate policy of the Left. I refer to the Left here not just in the case of Labour Governments but the Guardinistas who pervade town halls, art theatres and most damaging, our schools.  For decades they have have pedalled their attacks against this country, which they hate, and its Christian values. The modern political embodiment of the Left is Nick Clegg who does not believe marriage provides for the stable environment to bring up children, which countless studies have found assists in providing for a better future for our children. Mr Clegg’s warped world-view sees marriage as not something which should be encouraged by the State (through a tax break) but instead he believes society would be better without the nuclear two-parent family. This kind of rhetoric is dangerous. By the way, a marriage tax break has absolutely nothing to do with money, but is about sending a signal that marriage supports families and is good for society.

David Cameron has had a good two weeks – if he continues to drive down a Conservative track, he can expect great support. However, like all we Christians, doubt is not far away.