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Another non-Conservative policy

After thirteen years of Labour, the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition has done some good things: accelerating Tony Blair’s policy on Academies and introducing Free Schools, the Welfare Reform Act (which will be good if implemented) and cutting 50p tax to 45p (should have been 40p) to encourage the enterprise we desperately need.

But David Cameron as Prime Minister is allowing distinctively non-Conservative policies to take centre stage as well. This coupled with rumours he is actually quite happy being in coalition and is not so keen on winning a Tory majority at the next election is starting to leave a bad taste in the mouth. Firstly, we had little bones thrown to the Liberal Democrats at the start of the love-in back in May 2010 with the introduction of wasteful Local Enterprise Partnerships replacing the wasteful Regional Development Agencies then we moved on to bigger fish with the great ‘pause’ over the Health and Social Care Bill which has resulted in a dog’s breakfast of an Act of Parliament, which is not understood by anyone and with the only achievement being to give most of the power to the most incompetent health workers in the NHS: the GPs. 
We have the continuing sop to the chattering classes and the yellow peril that is the gay marriage policy and last week Home Secretary Theresa May was wheeled out to tell us the Coalition was going to stop the poorly paid from being able to afford a can of beer to relax upon an evening.
As Philip Davies MP said on Sky News last Friday, the fact Caroline Lucas from the Green Party is in favour of minimum alcohol pricing should have sent a signal to Mr Cameron the policy was not such a good idea. It will do nothing to stop the louts who can’t think five seconds into the future from “pre-loading” before heading into town to get drunk and have a punch-up in the street. However, it will stop sensible ordinary people on low incomes from enjoying a glass of cheap beer from the supermarket after a hard day’s work.
What on earth has government, one with an allegedly Conservative Prime Minister, got to do with telling people they can’t buy 2 for 1 promotions at the supermarket? It is the policy of the Chinese Communist Party or the former USSR. Ironically, the policy is probably illegal under EU law.
The economy is already in an enough mess without the Coalition trying to make it worse by lowering retail sales. My advice for Cameron and Osborne is to concentrate on reducing public spending and for Theresa May to get tougher with the louts who stop decent people from entering their town centres at night rather than penalising the law abiding and hard-working.