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The Left are living in cloud cuckoo land

Here’s a prediction: Labour are never going to win back power at Westminster until they elect a Blairite leader. Forget it Ed, yes both of you. Listen carefully: you two are never going to be in Government again.

Ed Miliband has spent the last 18 months opposing every single cut the Coalition Government has had to impose because Labour had done it again and bankrupted the country. The public have not exactly warmed to Labour’s message. Why would they? If your house is set on fire, you go to the fire brigade not the arsonist. It seems the dismal polls have started to hit home and so the Labour leadership has decided to change tack. But instead of hauling their limping ship back on to the centre ground the Labour Opposition (get used to those words being contiguous) get torpedoed by their own side: the unions. 
On Saturday, Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls made a speech to the Fabian Society where he said Labour would not reverse Coalition cuts and he would also introduce public sector pay freezes to help tackle the deficit, which will still be an issue at the next General Election in 2015.
Then on Sunday, Ed Miliband popped up on the Andrew Marr show to say he agreed with his Shadow Chancellor, disagrees with the cuts, but will not be able to reverse the cuts if Labour won back power. So clear as mud then.
This quote from Mr Miliband’s interview with Andrew Marr pretty much sums up the Labour leader’s incoherent message:

“If Labour was in power now we wouldn’t be making those changes. We wouldn’t be cutting as far and as fast as the government.
“But when it comes to the next Labour government, if I was saying to you: ‘I can absolutely promise to restore this cut or that cut’, you would say: ‘Well, where is the money going to come for that?’

Jon Snow on Channel 4 News tonight reminded Ed Miliband that when he was running for leader of the Labour Party he said the government’s pay freeze was “an ideological attack on the public sector by the Conservatives”. So how does this tally with the Labour leader now being in favour of public sector pay freezes? There was a lot of bluster but no answer.

This change in policy has been too much for his paymasters and the union bosses were today dispatched. Mark Serwotka, the PCS public sector union, told Adam Boulton on Sky News this lunchtime that Ed Miliband’s leadership had been an “unmitigating disaster”. But this was nothing compared to the man who launched the torpedo personally: unite’s boss, Len McClusky. Writing in Labour’s bible, The Guardian, Mr McClusky accuses the Two Ronnies of staging a Blairite policy coup. Now, I’m not too sure about that. You could never call the two Eds Blairite. And considering the complete balls-up they have made of the policy change it was not exactly successful, unlike the real Blairites when it came to elections.

Ed Miliband does not get it: the only reason Labour won three elections in the row was because Blair at least gave the impression his party was economically literate. Then along came Brown and his crew, with Miliband and Balls on the bridge, and that put paid to the public’s trust in Labour on the economy. To add salt to the wound Miliband is dangerously in denial.  His Today interview with John Humphrey last Tuesday was astonishing. The Labour leader prattled on about how Labour did not spend too much and the deficit was caused solely by America. This rhetoric would be funny if it wasn’t so serious.

I really hope Ed Miliband hangs on. Labour will never win an election whilst this fool is in charge.