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Voters missed off Electoral Roll

The Morning Star Evening Star reported yesterday that some voters had difficulty voting in last Thursday’s election and referendum because their name was not on the polling lists held by the presiding officer at the polling station.  Those voters who challenged the presiding officer eventually were able to vote after the Council’s election helpline was called and it was discovered the voter’s name was on the electronic electoral roll just not on the printed lists sent to the polling stations.

Last year, Labour kicked up a big fuss at the Council about election irregularities and even demanded a special scrutiny committee was set up to discover why they hadn’t won back power at the Council in 2010.  Needless to say no irregularities were discovered…

Now I wonder if Councillor Ross (who was the chairman of the elections special scrutiny committee) will ensure in the coming weeks that the Borough Council’s Overview & Scrutiny Committee urgently investigates why during this year’s election some voters were missed off the electoral roll at the polling stations?

I wouldn’t hold your breath.