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Juncker In, Britain heading Out


Jean-Claude Jucker: your next President

Jean-Claude Jucker: your next President

Arch-federalist Jean-Claude Juncker has succeeded José Barroso as the next President of the European Commission. British prime minister David Cameron was dead against his appointment, viewing it as a backwards step for the EU and putting the kibosh on any plans for renegotiation with Brussels.

The European Commission is the body which is made up of unelected Commissioners who decide the laws of the 28 member states of the EU. The European Parliament is not a parliament, it is an assembly. The Parliament in Europe is not a legislature in the same way as the Houses of Parliament in Westminster are; it is instead just a talking shop and big fat rubber stamp for the Commission’s new laws. All those MEPs which we elect have the power of a flea. By definition, this is undemocratic and has more in common with authoritarian regimes like Syria or the former Austro-Hungarian empire, for instance.

Britain should have no truck with this charade any longer. We don’t need the EU – most of our trade is with nations outside of the EU in the rest of the world. The big players of Europe – France and Germany – will still want to sell their wine and cars to us.

The UK has a form of national government and voting system different to most other European states: we inherently trust the people.  Whereas the EU thinks the people are an irrelevance, as so ably demonstrated by a man who wants to see a United States of Europe being crowned its President.  This is how Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council and himself also unelected by the European people, announced Juncker’s accession:

But it’s not as if there was a moderate candidate waiting in the wings. Juncker is just one of many arch-federalists in the backrooms of Brussels developing an EU empire stretching from the Russian border (hint – Ukraine) to the Atlantic ocean. One only needs to look at a history book to work out how empires in Europe ended before: very very badly with millions of lives lost. Now, people aren’t going to die in such numbers as a result of the direction the EU is taking (although you might disagree in Athens or Kiev) but unrest will continue as more power is taken from poor southern Eurozone countries and placed in the hands of the Germans and French.

Britain is a very wealthy country with an astonishing (albeit not equal) turnaround in economic fortunes taking place compared to 2010 and to other European states such as France. The EU is merely a hindrance to Britain’s growth in the world and it is time we left to decide our own destiny.


Author: gavinmaclure

IT professional; political blogger, former Conservative councillor

2 thoughts on “Juncker In, Britain heading Out

  1. Hurrah. Henceforth, Friday shall be known as Bright Friday. It was the day we decided to leave the EU.

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