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Happy Easter!

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The Cross

As a Christian, I always enjoy this time of year. Perhaps, “enjoy” is the wrong word, especially for two thirds of the Triduum, as people of the Christian faith will understand, but I find it spiritually uplifting, far more than Christmas. There is good reason for this: Easter is by far the most important time in the Church’s ecclesiastical calendar as it commemorates then celebrates what Christianity really is: following Christ, the Son of God and God made Incarnate, who loved us so much He died for us in the most horrific manner possible. I do not say this to shock and scare; as my parish priest said on Good Friday, it is the fact we are human and therefore suffer that we can look to the Cross for comfort from God. As God, through his only Son, knows exactly what it is like to suffer as a human being, be it through the daily stresses and strains of life or through illness and sickness. And as Father Hugh said on Friday, when no ones cares about you, turn to God as He always cares and loves us, shown to us through Jesus Christ, his only Son, hanging on the Cross, the centre of the Christian faith.

Happy Easter to you all!

Author: gavinmaclure

IT professional; political blogger, former Conservative councillor

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