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BREAKING: South Suffolk MP Tim Yeo deselected

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UPDATE: It would seem that going to the full membership of the local party for a final decision on Tim Yeo’s fate is not a foregone conclusion. Yeo has the right to this vote but he has to trigger it as a form of appeal and according to his agent, Peter Burgoyne, he is weighing up his options. Ongoing.


Last night the Executive Committee of South Suffolk Conservative Association deselected their sitting MP of 30 years.

Yeo will now be subjected to a full vote of the local party membership before any deselection becomes final but he may be weighing up his options this morning and decide to call it a day before a second round of humiliation.

Mr Yeo’s deselection comes on the back of a parliamentary standards investigation into his business interests and their affect on his role as chairman of the Energy and Climate Change Select Committee, which found there was no case to answer.

It seems South Suffolk Tories had other reasons to deselect their MP with rumours abound Mr Yeo was not giving adequate attention to his constituency.

More to follow…

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