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Sir John Major calls time on the big six energy firms


Former UK Prime Minister Sir John Major

Former UK Prime Minister Sir John Major

The last Conservative prime minister to win a general election (and to win big, with the greatest number of popular votes ever recorded) has entered into the national debate on the energy market crisis by calling for a windfall tax on the big six firms.

Sir John ably describes the Conservatives are in favour of the private market (quite right!) but when it goes wrong real Conservatives will not stand-by and see people suffer as a result.

It’s a great pity David Cameron does not think the same, pithy saying in response to Sir John’s speech it was an “interesting contribution” but the government has no plans to impose a tax. Then again, Mr Cameron’s not really a Tory is he?

A combination of Labour-imposed green taxes (i.e. Ed Miliband’s Climate Change Act of 2008) and Corporatism which centres around greed and profiteering has led to British people paying £1,500* a year to heat and light their homes.

I said at the time of the banking crisis, Northern Rock should have been sent to the wall just as President George W. Bush did to Lehman Brothers. It would have been a deterrent punishment used widely in the justice system to keep the masses in check. Some, mainly rich businessmen and equally rich politicians, said it would have destroyed the world. No it wouldn’t have! The Government would have protected savers at the cost of shareholders or there would have been a revolution.

Another winning Tory, Margaret Thatcher, believed in Capitalism for the many not Corporatism for the few. Now is the time for today’s Government to show some leadership: We’ve had enough. Send a signal to the failed energy market and punish the big six by imposing a windfall tax on them in the Autumn Statement in December.


*nPower yesterday put up their dual-fuel prices by 10.4% taking an average bill to £1,500

Author: gavinmaclure

IT professional; political blogger, former Conservative councillor

2 thoughts on “Sir John Major calls time on the big six energy firms

  1. A lesson you might also take from Sir John Major is that the last time a Conservative Government won an election was from the Centre Ground, whereas when they tried to win from the right they lost heavily. Perhaps not everything about Mr Cameron’s instincts is wrong.

    By the way, I am told that Cameron had to be persuaded to pursue the “modernisation” by his friend Osborne. Cameron, much more of a “Shires Tory” than Osborne, instinctively understood that you couldn’t simply dump the militantly right wing constituency parties. However he was always in a minority within the Notting Hill set, with Hilton, Osborne and Rachel Whetstone always ready to push the Old Half Colonel’s out of the Golf Club.

    I think you are more than a little unfair on Cameron, who would be a much more Conservative PM if he wasn’t tied to Mr Clegg. You don’t have to look that far for examples of Conservatives who make decisions they wouldn’t necessarily have made had they not been in coalition with the Liberal Democrats. No doubt there were some compromises made when Ipswich Tories went into coalition with the Lib Dems – a move I resigned over, if you recall.

    Where I think you are fair is that he wouldn’t have to have Mr Clegg as a “mini-me” if he hadn’t ballsed up beating Brown in 2010. Unfortunately the Party was geared up to winning the pre crash election, not the post crash election. I don’t think the Tories would have fallen short of a majority without Nick Clegg’s TV debate performance. But those for whom Cameron’s failure to achieve a majority was his “original sin” need to remember that the failure to win 2010 was rooted in the scale of Labour’s victory in 2005. The Tory Party were just too far behind to win outright in one election.

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