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Disgraceful intransigence from police at Ipswich Station causes commuter chaos

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man on ipswich station roof

Trespasser on roof of Ipswich station during Friday

UPDATE: Since publishing this post, I’ve been in touch with Ipswich’s MP, Ben Gummer, and Suffolk Coastal MP Therese Coffey. Both were already on the case with Ben Gummer having already spoken to the BTP commander on the scene to voice his concerns and Therese Coffey having contacted the Transport Minister to alert the Government to this farcical episode whereby it takes the police SEVEN hours to bring down a half-naked man from a relatively low roof at a provincial railway station.


A man climbed up on to the roof of Ipswich railway station this morning right in the middle of rush hour, wearing a pair of shorts and not much else. It is one of the hottest days of the year and he was exposed to the full elements.

The Health & Safety brigade immediately shut down the mainline from Norwich to London, forcing commuters to miss work, interviews and exams at a cost of potentially hundreds of thousands of pounds to the Ipswich economy. Do our political leaders have any idea how much money London commuters bring into this town?

So how long does it take British Transport Police, Suffolk Police, fire brigade and paramedics to get this idiot off the station roof: SEVEN hours! Just in time for the start of rush hour again and the triggering of absolute chaos for hard-working people and the highest payers of tax and disposable income (i.e. that money which keeps the shops in Ipswich town centre open for everyone) this town has.

Only in England in the 21st century could this happen. I doubt the idiot on the roof would have lasted five minutes in some of our more “dynamic” European countries.

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One thought on “Disgraceful intransigence from police at Ipswich Station causes commuter chaos

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