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Police investigate up to 300 deaths at Stafford Hospital

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I was glad to see this morning that, despite politicians from all hues wishing the slight matter of 1,200 patients dying needlessly at the hands of our “wonderful” NHS doctors and nurses would just go away, the police take a different view and have narrowed down the most serious cases to 200-300, which are being “thoroughly reviewed“.

From chief executioner executive Sir David Nicholson (being paid off to the tune of a £1.9 Million pension pot – although he’s not going until March next year) through the multiple management layers to the doctors and nurses who let elderly patients suffer horrific thirst (to the extent they were forced to drink from vases) and made them wallow in their own faeces, it would be a travesty of justice on a monumental scale if no one from the “wonderful” NHS doesn’t go to clink for this.

Some of the NHS scenes described in the Francis Report were straight out of a Nazi concentration camp and we know what happened to some of those who were “just following targets orders” when they got to Nuremberg. Of course, our justice system is a lot more civilised than the wards of Stafford Hospital between 2005 and 2009, so right-minded people only expect the guilty managers, doctors and nurses to go to jail.


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One thought on “Police investigate up to 300 deaths at Stafford Hospital

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