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Labour encouraged Shameless Mick

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ImageA mainstream national newspaper today published a picture of a Land Rover in a disabled parking spot with the snarling headline: “DESPICABLE”.

If only the Labour stalwart Daily Mirror used such vitriolic language to describe the needless deaths of thousands of people at the hands of NHS nurses and doctors or even the way Mick Philpott, for instance, installed two women as cash cows to milk the benefit system claiming another several hundred pounds off the State for every child born, which he duly pocketed himself. Or maybe they could stretch to use the word “DESPICABLE” to describe Philpott’s disdain for his children he killed, so much so that when the eldest child, Duwayne, was dying in hospital, Shamless Mick was kicking off in the corridor about the “crap” hospital who had not provided them with food. No?

Instead, Labour’s favourite red-top used the word “DESPICABLE” to describe Chancellor of the Exchequer getting back into the car his police protection officer had parked in disabled bay at a service station.

The silence from Labour politicians and their Hard-Left allies over the scandal of thousands of people needlessly dying in NHS hospitals is deafening but when it comes to defending a welfare system which allows one man to father 17 children and claim the cost of their upbringing entirely from the taxpayer, receiving £100,000 tax-free, you can’t get the likes of Ed Balls and Owen Jones off the airwaves.

New Labour deliberately grew the welfare state between 1997 and 2010 to hide their economic incompetence in creating real jobs and to build a client-state who would duly vote Labour to ensure their benefits were not stopped by the “Tories”.

Labour’s ideology has cost the taxpayer hundreds of billions of pounds and condemned millions to a life of dependency and idleness.

Labour may not have created a monster like Mick Philpott but they didn’t stop him (and in fact encouraged him) extracting as much money from the welfare system as he possibly could until he was stopped by the judiciary after killing six of his children.

Now that’s despicable.

Author: gavinmaclure

IT professional; political blogger, former Conservative councillor

One thought on “Labour encouraged Shameless Mick

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