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UK Welfare State was already infamous before ‘Shameless Mick’

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‘Shamless Mick’ Philpott and his children he killed

The death of six children caused by their parents is an incredibly sad story and this is my overriding thoughts after the conviction of Mick and Mairead Philpott for manslaughter on six counts at Nottingham Crown Court yesterday.

But is also the worst indictment of the welfare system in this country, that a couple could claim £60,000 – tax-free – a year in benefits, could boast about it TWICE on national television, and then through – in part – motivation to get a bigger house from the local council they set fire to their council home, just hoping their children got out alive. They didn’t.

The jury agreed with the prosecution that Philpott’s motivation was money: massive handouts from the taxpayer.

Trial judge Mrs Justice Thirlwall has reserved sentence until tomorrow morning and her words will no doubt be listened to carefully for signs the judiciary believes the welfare system is now dangerously out of control. Even the minister responsible for welfare reform admits he is not reducing the benefits bill to the taxpayer contrary to the fake bleating of the Left. But as the judiciary in the main is part of metropolitan liberal elite, I wouldn’t hold your breath for harsh words from the judge on the hand-out culture we have in this country, never mind a harsh sentence which Mr and Mrs Philpott and their accomplice, Paul Mosley, truly deserve.

This case is the glaring light on a failed system which William Beveridge never wished for or envisaged in his 1942 Social Insurance and Allied Services report which led to the welfare state being put in place by the Labour government after World War II. It was meant to be a safety net if a person lost their job so they didn’t starve. It was never meant to be a way of life. It certainly was never meant to allow someone to take home more money than an average worker, which was a deliberate policy by Tony Blair and Gordon Brown between 1997-2010 to create a Labour client-state and voting fodder.

The Government, for all the announcements over the last few days, have not actually implemented the so-called ‘Universal Credit’, which should stop people being better off on benefits than in work. The computer system which will administer this complex programme is not built yet.

Why should we think the scrounger-state will ever be dismantled?

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IT professional; political blogger, former Conservative councillor

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