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Ed Miliband’s Government wouldn’t be much different


Iain Duncan Smith tried so hard but has failed to decrease the welfare bill

Stifled: Iain Duncan Smith has conceded benefit bill will rise

The only Tory policy the coalition may have implemented was in fact a lie all along.

Last week, Iain Duncan Smith was heckled whilst delivering a speech in Scotland by “anti-cuts” activists. The video of the episode spread through the internet more because the Work and Pensions Secretary fought back. But when I watched it, what IDS actually said struck me: “If you listen to what I am saying, you will understand the reality is that this country is not cutting welfare, it is managing the growth [in benefits] at a lower level.”

At the time, I hoped it was just Mr Duncan Smith being a skilled political operative by shutting down the socialist hecklers so he could get on with his speech. But it was only a hope and today the truth has been unveiled by IDS himself.

The Work and Pensions Secretary has confirmed what we feared and has told the Daily Telegraph that unlike other European nations, the “reality is that this country is not cutting welfare” because the Coalition Government is simply “managing” the increase in handouts.

He added: “all those on benefits will still see cash increases in every year of this Parliament”.

This is the nail in the coffin for the Conservative Party at the next General Election as it was the only Tory policy that traditional (i.e. those with principles – age is irrelevant) Conservative-members and Tory voters were holding on to to motivate themselves to cross the Conservative box on polling day. With this flagship policy being exposed as a lie, the game is up. This now makes it more likely Ed Miliband will win a majority in the Commons and become the next Prime Minister in May 2015 or failing that the Liberal Democrats will form a Coalition with Labour, most likely with Vince Cable at the helm of the Yellow Peril.

But will it matter? It’s not as if David Cameron and George Osborne are turning the economy around: the single most important task they have to do and the whole point of David Cameron jumping into bed with Nick Clegg (rather too keenly many backbench Tories think). The country was crippled by debt when Gordon Brown was ousted and instead of cutting the debt, the Coalition is adding a whopping £600bn of national debt onto the pile by the next General Election. This is not only taking Britain into a lost decade of stagnant growth but is highly immoral as the Government is borrowing on the backs of our children and grandchildren to placate the millions of benefit scroungers of today (what are Dave and George frightened of – it’s not as if they vote, never mind vote Tory?!?!).

Every one in three pounds taken from you in income tax is handed out to benefit claimants. And to make it even more sickening, the Coalition is – in real terms – cutting the police and armed forces to pay for it.

Defeat in 2015 is now certain. John Major was right about some parts of the Party being “bastards“. However, this time it is the Liberal yellow-peril loving Cameroons who are taking the Party into the abyss. I don’t blame IDS – he will have tried so hard but he was never one of the Notting Hill fellows!

What have these bastards done to our beloved Party?

Author: gavinmaclure

IT professional; political blogger, former Conservative councillor

3 thoughts on “Ed Miliband’s Government wouldn’t be much different

  1. It would be very different from the present because Red Ed would reduce the structural deficit less quickly and stifle any growth in the system. Of course, a majority Conservative Government would also be different.
    The reason IDS is only “managing the growth in benefits” is that the state pension is included in the figures. This is triple-linked to inflation and possibly beyond, making it a large part of the DWP budget. Brown’s universal fringe benefits for pensioners (free TV licences and bus travel etc) add further to the burden. Removing these from the figures, he is more than just “managing the growth”.

  2. Two things Gavin, Labour will be different. They will be unable to stop an increase in spending.

    On managing a lower rate of growth rather than reducing welfar, this has been a long term policy of the Conservative right (going back to Thatcher and Lilley). The idea is that you always aim to have welfare growing at a lower rate than GDP as this is the only way it can stay affordable. It may be unambitious (and a bigger challenge in a flat economy), but it is a perfectly sustainable policy and it was one of Blair’s great failures that he never took it up, although as this would involve a shrinking of Labour’s hard-core of its core vote then it’s understandable.

    To be fair to IDS he never said that his plans would cut the expenditure on welfare, it was rather aimed at changing the mindset of those on welfare.

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