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BREAKING: David Cameron in Ipswich to talk tough on immigration


Prime Minister David Cameron is making a speech on immigration in Ipswich at UCS

Prime Minister David Cameron speaking in Ipswich

UPDATE: David Cameron experienced the horrendous Great Eastern mainline during his journey from London to Ipswich this morning when he was forced to alight at Manningtree because of “problems on the line” forcing the PM to switch to a car for the remainder of his journey. Let’s hope Ipswich MP Ben Gummer took the opportunity to lobby the Prime Minister for more investment in the railway infrastructure in this part of the world.

You can read a full report of Mr Cameron’s speech complete with photo of Cameron and bodyguards courtesy of Ipswich Spy.

Prime Minister David Cameron has arrived in Suffolk’s County town to say he is ‘rolling up the red carpet’ for immigrants.

In 2010, Ben Gummer was one of the few Tory parliamentary candidates to put a leaflet out during the General Election voicing his concern over uncontrolled immigration. Mr Gummer will have had some involvement in the Prime Minister’s visit as is customary when an MP visits another MP’s consituency (despite how senior the visiting MP is!).

As has been attributed to me before by leading Tory blogger James Spencer of the Bridge Ward News parish, if the Conservative Party had been as right-wing as Ben Gummer in 2010 they might have won the General Election…

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4 thoughts on “BREAKING: David Cameron in Ipswich to talk tough on immigration

  1. Do you think people voted Labour because the Tories weren’t right wing enough?

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