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Ipswich Borough Council cause chaos by failing to grit arterial route

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Too late: Ipswich Borough Council needs to focus

Too late: Ipswich Borough Council needs to focus

Labour-run Ipswich Borough Council seem to have forgotten that since the Council made Back Hamlet a one-way road, drivers now use Devonshire Road to get into the south-side of Ipswich town centre from off Foxhall Road.

I say forget. I think they did remember: at 11pm last night if the flashing orange lights outside my house was anything to go by. But by then it was too late.

As a result of the Council’s nonchalance, this morning chaos ensued on Devonshire Road as cars slid all over the place with the infamous steep hill down on to Cavendish Street (and the main route now available from Foxhall Road down on to the Star Lane gyratory) being exceedingly dangerous with one car precariously perched side-on on the hill.

I tweeted the Council first thing this morning but their response was Devonshire Road was only a P2 route. I doubt this classification has changed despite Back Hamlet now being one-way forcing drivers to turn on to Devonshire Road to get to the town centre via Fore Hamlet instead.

I was speaking with a fellow motorist this morning who lives on Devonshire Road and she tells me Ipswich Borough Council had four gritters at ASDA in Whitehouse going round in circles for over an hour last night de-icing the supermarket car park. No wonder they couldn’t get to the public highways until nearly midnight!!

It begs the question what do we pay our council tax for? The same council tax which will go UP – thanks to the Labour Party – by 2% on 1st April!

The majority of council taxpayers only ever use the bin collection and road gritting service. Labour councillors and senior Council officers should spend less time feathering the nests of their union members and wasting money on ideological council house building projects and focus on delivering basic services to the people who pay their mortgages.


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