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Tory leader resigns


Stepping down: Cllr John Carnall

No, not that one (if only!). Cllr John Carnall, leader of the Tory Group on Ipswich Borough Council resigned on Thursday for reasons unknown.

I learnt about this news via Ipswich Borough Council’s Facebook post. An email from the powers that be in the local Conservative Association announcing the move would have been nice but I guess I’m only a fully-paid up member of said Party.

Deputy Tory Group leader Cllr Chris Stewart will be stewarding the Opposition Group during the Leadership Election period.

My front runners for the top job in no particular order are Chris Stewart, Richard Pope, Nadia Cenci, Kym Stroet and Judy Terry.


Author: gavinmaclure

IT professional; political blogger, former Conservative councillor

3 thoughts on “Tory leader resigns

  1. Front-runners…? That's half the Tory Group. Chris Stewart, Nadia Cenci & Judy Terry all set to lose their seats in 2014, so short-term solution unless Carnall intends to stand down from seat in 2014 to make way for one of them.

  2. You should read Ipswich Spy then Gavin…

  3. I do. I still learnt the news first on Facebook.

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