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Thatcher Files remind us what real political leadership looks like

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Leader: Margaret Thatcher

Last Friday, a number of previously Top Secret UK Government files were released by the National Archives. They had been held in secret since 1982 under the 30-year rule.

As if it was necessary, the files accentuate Margaret Thatcher’s leadership qualities and her complete grasp of the UK Government machine. In May 1982, the UK was at war with Argentina over their occupation of the Falkland Islands, a British Crown Dependency. Late one night during the preparations for the Battle of Stanley Mrs Thatcher received a telephone call from the US President, Ronald Reagan. He was trying to persuade our Prime Minister to give diplomacy one more go and not to completely humiliate the Argentines. Many in the President’s administration were against Britain using force to reclaim our territory and some senior US figures never wanted the UK to fight back in the first place and instead wanted us to leave the Falklands Islands and her people to their fate, taken into a brutal Argentina dictatorship.

Mrs Thatcher was not having any of it. She faced down the US President reminding him he did not back the UK when Argentina occupied the Falklands and therefore she would call the shots. Two weeks later the Argentina junta surrendered and the Falklands Islands and her people were free.

Margaret Thatcher went on to win the 1983 General Election by a landslide.

It seems quite fitting to share this clip from The Iron Lady:


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One thought on “Thatcher Files remind us what real political leadership looks like

  1. To be fair to Ronnie, he did offer her an aircraft carrier. Nowadays we'd have to beg one off the French. Thanks for that, Gordon.

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