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Census 2011 reveals immigration numbers are higher than we thought


Mass Immigration: UK population up 4 Million

The Office for National Statistics a couple of weeks ago started to reveal the results of their number crunching from the Census of every man, woman and child in the United Kingdom on 27th March 2011.

The mainstream press and programmes like the BBC’s Question Time touched on the immigration figures in particular but the numbers only told us the depressing state of affairs we knew already: mass immigration was left unchecked by the Labour Party for a decade.

The population of England and Wales has increased by 3.7 million since 2001 to 56.1 million with 55% of this increase (2.1 million) due to migration, two-thirds from non-EU countries. When Northern Ireland and Scotland are added into the mix the United Kingdom population stands at 63.1 million, up 4 million since 2001.

The most shocking statistic was almost 3 million people in England don’t speak English! This is a recipe for distrust and community segregation, fuelled by the continuing obsession local authorities (including Ipswich Borough Council) have with flawed multiculturalism policies. The key for any harmonious society is integration not segregation but this doesn’t fit with the liberal bigot’s world view where everyone must be pigeon holed so they know who to patronise and who to denigrate. A classic case in point was self-styled “enlightened” liberal Will Self on BBC1 Question Time on 13th December peddling the same old bigotry that anyone who questions immigration numbers are racist.

So because whole swathes of the silent majority were too scared of people like Will Self calling them a racist the Labour Party were left unchecked to implement their political project of mass immigration. Now that is no exaggeration. Andrew Neather, former special advisor to Tony Blair, Jack Straw and David Blunkett, revelaed to the Evening Standard in 2009 that mass immigration was a deliberate political strategy “to rub the Right’s nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date.”

Apology of sorts: Ed Miliband

I believe in integrating communities not segregating them as this leads to a more harmonious society with less distrust of others. On that premise, it was quite wrong the Labour Party allowed 3 million people to live in England who cannot speak English. Some of these people are even nurses in our hospitals. Were any checks done to see if someone can actually communicate within the country they want to WORK and live in? Of course not. The Labour Party were too busy waving people into Britain to end the discussion over multiculturalism and to “rub the Right’s nose in diversity”. This was social engineering on a grand scale. And Labour knew this, hence Ed Miliband’s semi-apology last week once he knew the game was up with the release of the Census 2011 figures.

There is nothing wrong with immigration, per se, as long as it is controlled. Australia and the USA manage a perfectly good immigration system through a points system, which amongst other things ensures you can speak English before you are handed a work permit. Why didn’t we?

Due to Labour’s deliberate policy of mass immigration for purely political purposes, we now have overcrowding on our trains, in our classrooms and on our wards. There isn’t enough money to pay for the burden an extra 4 million people have placed on public service provision and on top of that we have whole  cities – like Bradford – where communities are segregated (Northern Ireland-style) as if different countries existed within them. This is a toxic mix which the liberal metropolitan elite in London may be proud of but it only feeds distrust and friction up and down the land.

The most depressing aspect of uncontrolled immigration is the deflation of wages for non-skilled and semi-skilled jobs. You’ll always hear the Director of the CBI or business chiefs extolling the virtues of mass immigration. I wonder why? Businesses only care about making and keeping money in profits. Immigrants are in many cases desperate for a better life and that motivates them to work hard, for longer and – most importantly to your businessman – FOR LESS. So lots more lolly for the same business “leaders” to spend on private tuition fees for the kids, a bigger house away from those crowded town and cities, and cheaper nannies and gardeners! If I was a rich businessman (and if I didn’t have a conscience) I’d be quite keen on mass immigration as well!

And of course, the negative side affects of mass immigration – bursting transport systems, 30+ children per class, nurses who don’t speak English when your wife is giving birth etc – don’t bother a rich businessman as they don’t have to worry about such things if the children are educated at Tonbridge or Eton, or when its Bupa and Nuffield all the way for healthcare, and isn’t public transport for the plebs??

It’s a mess and I don’t pretend to resolve the effect mass immigration has had in Britain in one blog post. The only hope is it will add to a sensible debate on immigration and will help to put pressure on the Coalition government who are still doing too little to control immigration today.

Author: gavinmaclure

IT professional; political blogger, former Conservative councillor

4 thoughts on “Census 2011 reveals immigration numbers are higher than we thought

  1. GavinYou are wrong with many of your facts- USA does run a points imigration system but also turns a blind eye to millions of illegal immigrants – mainly from Central America- my brother has lived in New York for a number of years and for a time as an illegal – no problem working, being paid and even paying tax! In the USA it seems acceptable to have so many illegals- in the main poorly paid.They have thousands and maybe almost a million who do not speak English – so you can't use the USA as a good example of how to control immigration.Australia- does have tight controls – but may of our 'over stayers' are Australian and South Africans- their english is almost perfect but they are still illegal immigrants.

  2. Alasdair you are also trying to spin here. Whilst it is true that many American illegal immigrants do not speak English, nor do the majority of the population as a first language. More than 50% of the United States population speaks Spanish as a first language. So it is possible for the vast majority of illegal immigrants to integrate fully in society.It is also the case that, unlike the UK, the USA has two very long land borders with other nations. The vast majority of illegal immigrants come into the United States across one of these land borders. Australia, another island nation not unlike our own, doesn't have anywhere near the same issue with illegal immigration. They have a flood of "boat people" from Indonesia, but they send them home within weeks of arrival, rather than allowing people to disappear into the community like Labour have over the last thirteen years.Whilst some of our illegal immigrants may be an issue, Gavin's point isn't the illegal immigrants, it is the legal migrants. Whilst this country has always been a safe haven for those fleeing persecution, the last Labour Government turned this trickle into a flood. The problem is they did this without ever asking the consent of the British people. Consequently many of the native population, including many of those who came here through more planned immigration in the fifties and sixties, feel displaced in their own country. To walk down the street and hear many people speaking a language other than English isn't disconcerting in Trafalgar Square, or Aldeburgh, or any tourist attraction. But it is disconcerting to walk down some streets in Ipswich where English isn't spoken by many of those in the area. Whilst Ipswich's ethnic diversity is to be welcomed, and encouraged, it is vital that people who come to our town are encouraged to integrate with the existing population – and that includes English.The importance of this cannot be overstressed. An SHO on duty at West Suffolk Hospital Accident & Emergency a few years ago, on a Friday evening, had such a poor grasp of English that he couldn't take a proper history from my friend, a former Tory candidate here in Ipswich. Instead of recognising that he was having epileptic complications from his earlier brain haemorrhage, he insisted for quite some time that instead my friends non existent brain tumour was growing. This sort of mistake is serious, and it is far from unusual.The other real problem is the sheer volume of immigration from the European Union. This isn't an issue that is only found here – my Spanish sister-in-law makes similar points about her homeland – but it is quite serious that so many unskilled and low skilled workers have come here looking for a better life. They are competing with unkilled and low skilled British workers, many of whom are young (since young people do not have the experience that makes up for their unskilled status). It is noticeable that the rise in youth unemployment begins around the same time as the flood of trans European immigration arrived in the UK.The immigration over the last decade and a half has kept wages low and has absorbed many of the jobs created in the economy. It has added to unemployment. Both these effects have hit Labour's natural voters hard. Whilst that may not have mattered to Blair, who sought to replace them with the "middle class", it will be a big problem for Miliband. The untrammelled immigration of the Blair/Brown years has pissed off a huge swathe of voters, and if you say you don't feel that on the doorstep you are being disingenuous.

  3. Great points Ben. Completely agree.

  4. BenWas not trying to spin the issue, just pointing out that the USA is not a good country to compare with.There are many issues to discuss and it is good to discuss but it is hard as many fear that if you do discuss it your are then linked to the BNP .Proper discussion is not helped by scare headlines in certain national papers.Many Brits live in Portugal , trouble is when they get ill they rush home to use the NHS rather than use the Portuguese facilities they are entitled to where residents of EU countries working here are very happy to use the NHSIt is good that the national Labour leadership are willing to make immigration an issue and admit they made mistakes in the past, need all sides to work together. But cuts to the UK Border force are not going to help with the removal of those who should not be here

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