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UPDATE: Mental Health Bill passes to House of Lords

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MPs have voted to send Mental Health Bill to House of Lords

This is excellent news. MPs in the House of Commons last Friday voted to send this important Bill to the House of Lords. The Bill, sponsored by Conservative MP Gavin Barwell, has now received full momentum to become the law of the land, ending discrimination against people with mental illness that does not affect their ability to operate day-to-day. Currently in 21st Century Britain, it is still illegal for someone taking anti-depressants to sit on a jury, as if Bedlam Hospital was still open! In addition this Bill would repeal legislative provisions that can prevent people with mental health conditions from serving as Members of Parliament, members of the devolved legislatures or company directors.

The Mental Health (Discrimination) No .2 Bill 2012-13 had its First Reading in the House of Lords yesterday on 3rd December after the Commons vote and will have its Second Reading at a date to be announced.
This blog will keep you updated on its progress or you can follow the details on the Houses of Parliament website.

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