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Mental Health Bill continues progression through Commons

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Legislature: UK Houses of Parliament

In September I reported on the Mental Health (Discrimination) (No. 2) Bill which is currently passing through the Commons towards, hopefully, Royal Assent and the law of the land.

The Bill, tabled by Gavin Barwell MP, has now passed its Committee stage and will have it’s third reading in the House of Commons on 30th November.

The transcript of the Committee meeting held yesterday shows the genuine cross-party nature of this important Bill. The Committee was chaired by true-blue Tory Peter Bone and, of course, Conservative MP Gavin Barwell is a member of the Committee. But the Committee also included staunch Labour MP Diane Abbott with the remainder of the Committee made up of Tory, Labour and Liberal Democrat members.
This ably demonstrates the important work our Members of Parliament do on our behalf day in, day out, as part of the democratic order we have in this country to make our laws and keep our society civilised. Anyone involved in politics will soon tell you most MPs are decent people who work very hard and they should be respected for that.

Passage of a Bill in the UK Parliament

The Committee resolved that no amendment would be made to the Bill and it would be sent as it is currently written to the Report stage in the House of Commons on 30th November. It is on this day the Bill will be debated again on the floor of the House and any amendments raised by any MP (not just the Committee members) will be heard and voted on. As is customary, the Bill will have its Third reading on the same day. The House of Commons will then decide whether to approve the Third reading and if approved the Bill will then pass to the House of Lords.

Therefore, I’d encourage all my readers to contact their MP to ask them to support this very important bill at the Report stage and Third reading. To find out how to contact your MP visit ‘‘.

For details of how a Bill or law are proposed and potentially become an Act of Parliament, have a look at this helpful guide.


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