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US Presidential Election is still hot

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Game on: Romney and Obama clash at the second US Presidential Debate

Despite Barack Obama’s “coming out fighting” performance at this week’s second US Presidential Debate on Long Island, New York, it seems the voters are still not convinced he is the best man to lead the largest economy on Earth for another four years. In short, they are undecided less than three weeks before Polling Day.

Romney is very much still in the game. When the Republican primaries were taking place earlier this year, I thought we were going to be in for the most boring presidential election ever. But despite finding Romney too much of a moderate I think he would be a hell of a lot better than Obama. You see, if America sneezes, it is said Europe catches a cold. Well, Europe is quite sick enough already. If she was to catch a cold, we might have to call for the undertakers. We need a man in the White House who can put America back on her feet and then we will all benefit from the positive economic vibes. Obama has had four years to turn around the US economy and has failed.

In a Gallup daily tracking poll, albeit taken before Tuesday night’s debate, Romney was on 51% to Obama’s 45% but the latest poll from Real Clear Politics has Romney and Obama neck-in-neck with 47% of the electorate each. This is going to go to the wire.

Although Obama’s performance in the debate this week was much better than the first debate in Denver (where Obama hardly turned up!) it was no slam dunk (as they say in the US) for the President. Romney was still very much on top of his game. As I said a couple of weeks ago, if Obama had performed on Long Island as he did in Denver he would have been toast.

So now the eyes of the world are on the third and last Presidential Debate in Boca Raton, Florida, this Monday 22nd October when the candidates battle it out on foreign policy.

And then it will be two weeks to Polling Day on 6th November. Who is your money on to be the 45th President of the United States of America?


Author: gavinmaclure

IT professional; political blogger, former Conservative councillor

One thought on “US Presidential Election is still hot

  1. I still don't think we'll be choosing the 45th President of the United States until November 2016.Romney's grasp of economics is about as sensible as Ed Balls' view. His running mate, Paul Ryan, has been blocking a tax cut for the middle class for 2 years, simply because it says that those who earn more than $5million a year should pay slightly more in tax. He espouses the same failed economics of the Bush years, rather than a return to the prudency of the Reagan administration.As a fiscal conservative I don't like Obama's policies, but as a social liberal I can't imagine a world where Romney sits in the Oval Office. But regardless of the policy differences, Romney won't make it to 1600 Penn Ave simply because of his campaign. He may be edging closer in a few of the battleground states, but for him to be President he has to win them all. Obama only has to take one or two. If BO takes Florida and Ohio it is game over for Romney. Whilst two of the three national polls put Romney in the lead, he is losing in Ohio, Michigan and Florida today, and Wisconsin yesterday. Heck he hasn't even got the South West sewn up, with Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado all still in the undecided column.The Foreign Policy debate is gonna be tough for the President, because of the Libya debacle, but the polls don't look any better for a Romney win than they did two weeks ago. If you ignore all the flim flam from commentators, look at the voting intentions of people in those battle ground seats, Romney is toast. What is also interesting is the way some of the most balanced Congressional races are going in the battleground states. For instance, Ohio-16, where there are two sitting Congressmen fighting for one new district. Yet Rep. Betty Sutton (D) appears to be getting all the local newspaper endorsements, whilst Rep. Jim Renacci (R) is struggling. If Ohio-16 is a microcosm of Ohio (which it is) and Ohio is the key state for the Romney/Ryan campaign, the writing is on the wall there. No GOP candidate has ever won the Presidency without winning Ohio.

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