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Ipswich MP joins the Government

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Ipswich MP Ben Gummer

I learnt last night from Ipswich Spy that Ben Gummer has accepted a role in the Coalition Government as Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) to International Development Minister Alan Duncan.

A PPS is the lowest rung on the greasy pole of Government and is unpaid although the level of access and kudos is certainly an enough reward for an aspiring Government minister, which in accepting this post Mr Gummer must be. But I am not sure this will happen any time soon as David Cameron is unlikely to do a big reshuffle before the next General Election in 2015. And without constituency boundary changes to correct the inbuilt advantage for Labour (now vetoed by the Liberal Democrats as “punishment” for Cameron ditching Lords Reform) it is looking unlikely the Conservatives will win the next election, with or without Boris. I am in full favour of a Conservative majority government but without more Conservative policies going faster and deeper such as debt reduction, actually implementing welfare reforms and getting a grip on immigration this is not going to happen and the Yellow Peril quite frankly can’t wait to jump into bed with Labour, once they’ve ditched Mr Clegg, so a new Conservative-Lib Dem coalition is never going to happen again.

I would have hoped Ben Gummer had got a job in the Business Department or the Treasury as putting aside his bizarre views on the environment and Europe he is a proper Tory when it comes to the economy. But, alas, fellow Conservative Therese Coffey, the MP for the seat next door, Suffolk Coastal, has become PPS to Business Minister, Michael Fallon.

I am sure Ben Gummer is an ardent supporter of International Aid, being on the Left of the Tory Party, but I hope his economics brain is at the forefront when working alongside Mr Duncan and he makes it clear that giving aid to India so they can buy warships has to end.

Author: gavinmaclure

IT professional; political blogger, former Conservative councillor

One thought on “Ipswich MP joins the Government

  1. I'm so glad you haven't fallen for this ridiculous "draft Boris" idea Gavin. The detail of that YouGov poll shows that, whilst he would increase the Tory vote in London and amongst men and amongst ABC1 voters, he wouldn't make the slightest difference in C2s, women or the midlands and the north, where the Tories desperately need to win more support to get that elusive majority.I think the difficulty in getting a majority on the current boundaries is overstated. The models upon which the "in build Labour bias" is built include a healthy vote for the Lib Dems. After their period in Government, they may well find that in seats where they do not have an MP they won't get anywhere near as many votes. Whilst this will undoubtedly cost the Conservatives seats like Ipswich, the pay off will be in seats where the Tories won in 1992, lost in 1997 and failed to win in 2010, especially where they are just behind Labour. They could also win back seats like North Norfolk, which Norman Lamb won't be able to fight in "opposition" given how close he is allied to Nick Clegg.I think that Cameron can still win an election in 2015. For the Conservatives, before you ask! Once the GDP figures start to show the growth that every other economic indicator shows must be in the economy, confidence will start to filter back into the economy and his currently poor polling position will come back. For all he is disliked, Ed Miliband is nowhere. The PM has a -28 rating, but the leader of the Opposition is on -22! Despite the problems with getting growth into the economy, the Tories are still trusted more than Balls, who the public blame for the mess we're in just as much as they blame Brown. The depressed polling position of the Tories is entirely down to the recovery seeming a long way off. The moment recovery appears that polling position will recover. There certainly isn't anything in the figures for the Labour Party to celebrate – the polls show that the desire for a Labour Government simply isn't there – even amongst Labour voters!

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