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Good riddance Louise

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Louise Mensch

Louise Mensch (née Bagshawe) has resigned as the MP for Corby after only two and half years as their representative in Westminster, failing even to complete a full term. What did the people of Corby do to deserve her?

In the not too distant past, to resign on one’s constituents was the height of contempt. But since the Conservative Party was hijacked by Dave and George, people who had never delivered a leaflet in their lives or knocked on a door to canvass for a voting intention suddenly became candidates and MPs after deciding to join the latest trend and groovy gang that Dave and George had turned the Conservative Party into. It is then those same people who have no qualms about jumping ship once the “MP thing” has served its purpose in selling more books or getting the necessary clout and money together to set up a new social networking site.

Louise Mensch did not really care for the Tory Party or cause, she did it for fun and something else to put on her chaotic CV. She did not get what being a Conservative is about. Her greatest achievement is losing the Party a seat.

Good riddance.


Author: gavinmaclure

IT professional; political blogger, former Conservative councillor

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