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The watermelons just love to screw the economy even more

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It seems the predominantly left-wing media is using the Olympics as cover to push out more liberal, green fascist propaganda reports rather than reporting serious matters like President al-Assad massacring his own people in the Aleppo region of Syria.

Headline news yesterday was that the use of plastic bags in the UK has gone up and the BBC questioned should we have a bag tax like in Socialist paradise Wales. Matthew Sinclair, the new Chief Executive of the TaxPayers’ Alliance, did a great job of speaking up for the silent majority against the wishy-washy watermelon environmentalist Helen Rimmer on BBC Breakfast yesterday morning.

The Friends of the Earth environmentalist’s phrase “symbolic part of our waste stream” sounded very sinister. In other words taxing plastic bags doesn’t actually stop people using them, hence why the number of bags used was up by 5% despite supermarkets like the Co-op (yep, what a surprise) charging for customers to take their shopping home. Nevertheless, watermelons like Helen Rimmer still want to force people to fund her fantasy world stuffed full of wind farms, jobs for life and where people are taxed until the pips squeak.

Mr Sinclair pointed out that plastic bags are less than 1% of waste and that the heavier “bags for life” (ha!) take up a lot more waste when they are eventually discarded. The TaxPayers’ Alliance also pointed out the plastic tax in Wales is just another burden on small businesses. Convenience stores are used by commuters and people who are not going on a big shopping trip – funnily enough we don’t always carry our large “bags for life” with us. Why penalise these consumers and small business owners who are the backbone of our economy?

You can view the exchange here:

When I was in Spain recently, it was the first time in a while I wasn’t made to feel guilty about how I took my shopping away – before I knew it my shopping had been packed inside a plastic bag by the shopkeeper. Not everywhere seems to gold-plate green fascist diktats from the EU!


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One thought on “The watermelons just love to screw the economy even more

  1. Recycled paper bags, reclaimed plastic bags, buy less at once and shop a little more to get more exercise with shopping in a rucksack (great for training), use a box if you’re driving, all those plastic-bags-that-you-use-once-and-never-take-back; take them back. Is that any good for week one? I’m not even an “environmentalist” – I’m just not an obscene, obnoxious moron. Thanks.

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