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Gladstone Road/Foxhall Road footpath update


A “level survey” was conducted by the Council yesterday

I was advised yesterday that Ipswich Borough Council engineers were conducting a survey at the footpath site. The survey is called a “level survey” and is something to do with the drainage that would need to be built when the path is eventually paved.

My source was good as, in typical public sector style, I saw two orange-fluorescent attired men and what looked like a student placement young man get back into their Borough Council pool car yesterday lunchtime. How many engineers does it take to measure the levels of a dirt track came to mind?

Let’s hope they can now get the design for the path completed – how difficult can it be to design the laying of concrete slabs?

Author: gavinmaclure

IT professional; political blogger, former Conservative councillor

3 thoughts on “Gladstone Road/Foxhall Road footpath update

  1. Gavin Gavin Gavin I think you're really mean,Just because three workmen to the path they may have been,I think that you should stop being such a scalliwag,and lay of council workmen who may be on the drag,I'm sure when slabs are laid it will be worth off of the strife,Then Gavin McClure may just get on with his life.

  2. This is just plain childish. You may not agree with Gavins views, trust me I don't in many cases, but at least have the decency to argue like an adult. My comments last week were in jest but at least had some basis behind for which I hope Gavin can at least appreciate. Also, your perceived ability to rhyme might be misplaced. Grow up or ship out.

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