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BBC Jubilee Coverage

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Diamond Jubilee Thames River Pageant

I was away for most of last week once the long Jubilee weekend had concluded on the Tuesday so I haven’t had a chance to blog for a few days.

Albeit a bit belated, I’d like to just reflect back on the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. It was a wonderful four days mixed with patriotism, joy and pride for the service of Her Majesty over 60 years and our great country. As Prince Charles said in his speech after the Jubilee Concert, it made you proud to be British.

The vast majority of people in this country are monarchists, patriots and conservative. We love our country and the four day celebration was a chance to release all that pent up pride for Great Britain which has been suppressed for so many years by a Labour Government who hated our country and a national broadcaster who still hates Britain and what she stands for.
That national broadcaster, of course, is the BBC. Much has been written about their disgraceful coverage of the Diamond Jubilee events, especially the triumph that was the Thames Pageant. A former Radio 4 Today editor called it “lamentable”. Even lefties like Stephen Fry cried out:

It all started so well with Huw Edwards introducing the coverage from his studio in front of Buckingham Palace but then the pageant coverage descended into a five hour episode of The One Show with vacuous presenters such as Matt Baker and Fearne Cotton who really should be doing children’s telly shows not trying to infantilise the nation with their lack of knowledge of what was actually happening on the Thames and their inability to address The Queen correctly: it’s Her Majesty not Her Royal Highness you buffoons!
Needless to say I watched most of the coverage on Sky News with the terrific historian Alastair Bruce providing the informed commentary on the boats, history and royal protocol whilst the BBC had Fearne Cotton interviewing singer Paloma Faith about Jubilee themed sick bags (no, I am not making this up!). Meanwhile, Eamonn Holmes and Charlotte Hawkins, who anchored Sky’s coverage, were excellent with their dry British humour about the weather.  
When the heavens opened at the end of the pageant as Her Majesty viewed the boats as they sailed past the Spirit of Chartwell, moored by Tower Bridge, the Symphony music barge turned to face the Royal Party.
On top of the barge were 12 choristers from the Royal College of Music Chamber, drenched like drowned rats, who, just when we needed them most, belted out Land of Hope and Glory and then a stirring rendition of the National Anthem. Alastair Bruce from Sky News commented it was this spirit and stoicism shown by the choristers that helped Britain to win the First and Second World Wars.
Back on the BBC, the commentator called the singers “mildly eccentric”. You couldn’t sum up the two broadcasters’ views of Great Britain and her people better. One is beaming with pride, the other hates us and wishes 1.2 million hadn’t lined the Thames and millions still had not watched from home because it proves how wrong they are.

From now on, I want to hear less of the republican liberal lefty journalists and celebrities.
During the pageant, I saw Traitor’s Gate has now been bricked up. But it’s nothing a bit of dynamite wouldn’t sort out. Those who produced the BBC coverage should be first to pass through the gate again along with the House of Commons’ Speaker’s wife who wrote this vile tweet about her fellow Britons:

My view is Her Majesty the Queen brought the nation together last weekend, probably not in the same way since the Second World War. It was a wonderful time and hopefully the sense of patriotism will remain for many years to come.

I know I am now far less inclined to let criticism of my country go unchecked than before the Diamond Jubilee.

Author: gavinmaclure

IT professional; political blogger, former Conservative councillor

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  1. A one-way trip for Mrs. Squeaker and a few inches off the top?

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