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Trots allowed to bash Tories on Council property

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Ipswich is so steeped in Socialism that even Tories had parents who were Socialists until the child saw the light. Now it feels like I am living in some Eastern European state in the former Soviet Union after I received a leaflet through my door for the Ipswich May Day Festival.

The leaflet has snappy lines like “workers of the world unite!” and “we need a voice for the 99% not the 1% that this ConDem Government supports!”.  
For those who are interested, the leaflet is advertising the TUC union’s beer and sandwiches event on none other than Ipswich Borough Council property – Alexandra Park. Anyone who has ever been a councillor soon realises how terribly bias the officers are at Grafton House towards anything left-wing, which in the case of union affiliated Labour in Ipswich has always included them.
But to so blatantly allow the Trotskyite TUC to host their Conservative bashing festival on Council taxpayers’ land really takes the biscuit!
I also love how the leaflet says “local parking available”.  What they mean is the on-street parking in residential side streets, including my own road no doubt…

UPDATE: It’s off according to the TUC’s friends at the Morning Ipswich Star. Shame…


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