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Locking Ipswich parks is wasting my money


Peaceful Holywells Park

When I was a backbench Conservative councillor on Ipswich Borough Council back in 2010, the ruling Executive ordered a report to be written on the practicalities of leaving the parks, owned by the people of Ipswich and run by the Borough Council, open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This was being taken very seriously by both Conservatives and Liberal Democrats in the Borough Council coalition as a way of reducing significant costs and by allowing the taxpayer to enjoy their parks during the low light periods of early morning and late evening. It had my full support on both the economic and quality of life aspects of the policy: a win-win idea which surely would get implemented?

But then the nimbys got going. Some leafy St Margaret’s residents got it into their paranoid heads that Christchurch Park would be overrun by ‘undesirables’ late at night spoiling the tranquillity in their extensive gardens which back on to the public park. This immediately got Liberal Democrat Cllr Inga Lockington, who represents St Margaret’s Residents’ Association Ward, very excited and she decided it wasn’t such a great idea after all to leave the parks unlocked for the enjoyment of the taxpayer at a time of their choosing. As she was a member of the all-powerful Executive committee, it mattered that Cllr Lockington disagreed but she only had one vote.

However, freedom to use our parks ran up against a far bigger obstacle when the Friends of Holywells Park managed to find 2000 people to sign a petition saying they were against the public park being closed. It did not matter these 2000 people a) probably didn’t all live close by to the park and b) they would not all have been voters in Holywells ward (the ward would be a strong Green Party consituency if they were!),  Holywells Conservative Cllr Liz Harsant, and Leader of the Council at the time, decided it was enough to kill the policy to unlock the parks and reduce the Council’s bill in employing men to drive round in vans locking all the gates two hours before the light disappears.

When the policy report finally got to Executive a deal had been done behind closed doors between the Conservative and Liberal Democrats Executive members to drop the policy. As a backbencher it was raised in our Group meeting and I voiced my disquiet at being dictated to by a minority at the expense of the majority who would like to walk their dog whilst it is still light within the grounds of beautiful Holywells or Alexandra Park instead of being chased out like an alien by a jumped-up, whistle-blowing park ranger in his 4X4 transit van.

There was one dissenting voice – in public, at the Executive meeting: Executive-member Cllr Richard Pope. From the steely look on the face of Cllr Harsant I don’t think Cllr Pope had got the memo. Instead, he told the assembled public gallery he and other parents should be able to take their children to the park before school during the low light period between sunrise and when the park is opened by the ranger an hour or an hour and half later.

Not being an early bird, I look at it from the other end of the day, but nonetheless just as relevant to what Cllr Pope said at the Executive Committee. I was always for the park being left open 24 hours a day for the reasons outlined above but now I have a dog and have become a dog walker I am angry that when I take my dog out for his walk upon an evening – in broad daylight – that I have to walk past a locked Holywells Park which I own as a taxpayer and instead I have to walk my dog along pavements buffeted by passing noisy cars, trucks, lorries, motorbikes and vans. All because a few nimbys don’t like other people using ‘their’ park and had the time to organise a petition whilst it seems the majority of taxpayers were out working.

Now we have a new broom at Grafton House, I would be interested to hear the policy of the Labour administration. Perhaps, Deputy Portfolio Holder for Culture & Leisure and fan of this blog, Cllr Alasdair Ross, could offer his thoughts?

Author: gavinmaclure

IT professional; political blogger, former Conservative councillor

5 thoughts on “Locking Ipswich parks is wasting my money

  1. As a dog walker who lives near one of the Ipswich Parks, I am also really frustrated that a small minority of dogwalkers – forced to walk their dogs outside the park by this stupid Labour policy – allow their dogs to mess the pavements, which we're all then blamed for. When I raised this very issue with Phil Smart he told me that those who clear up after their dogs will do so anyway, those who don't won't, no matter how many poopscoop bins are provided.It wouldn't matter so much if there were "dog parks" in all the Borough parks, areas put aside FOR DOGS rather than just for kids. POWER TO THE DOG WALKERS!

  2. 'stupid Labour policy'???? Was this not the policy of the alst Tory/Lib Dem administration?

  3. Anonymous, thanks for your post but Alasdair is right, it was a policy of the last Conservative/Lib Dem administration, which I wished they had had the guts to follow through on. I did and would have supported them all the way to Executive and after from my position on the backbenches but alas mob rule took over the minds of a couple of Executive members.Alasdair – what's Ipswich Labour's policy on this?

  4. Gavin, thanks for this lucid post – I thought I was alone in being driven potty every time I can't access my park. I wouldn't mind so much if there was any evidence that it needs protecting at night – but I haven't seen any beyond the number of signatures on the petition.I have approached both the friends and the current administration about reaching a compromise on this (extending the hours maybe, or locking one of the gates so that they still get their patrol, but we still get pedestrian access). I've tried to be reasonable, but I've effectively had the petition waved in my face and been told to drop it. A councillor wrote back suggesting it'd probably be scary after dark. That says it all to me.

  5. Thanks Ed for your comments. I suspect we make up the silent majority!

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