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Sir Humphrey’s contempt for elected representatives: Part IV

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As I reported last week, at the full meeting of Ipswich Borough Council, Labour’s transport portfolio holder, Cllr Phil Smart, announced, in response to a question from Conservative Holywells candidate Pam Stewart, the Gladstone Road/Foxhall Road footpath creation scheme order had now been “sealed” and the clock has started ticking for objections to be received at Grafton House by no later than 19th April.

The order has been advertised at either end of the track.

Footpath order advertised at Foxhall Road end of path (the part already paved from when the Co-op was built in 2005)
The Gladstone Road end – a bit like walking back in time!

Let’s hope the “very elongated” process Cllr Smart referred to if an objection is received does not occur. Why anyone would want to object to a dirt track being paved and maintained by the council I do not know.

Watch this space.

Author: gavinmaclure

IT professional; political blogger, former Conservative councillor

One thought on “Sir Humphrey’s contempt for elected representatives: Part IV

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