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Ben Gummer’s tax statement will be in Budget

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Ipswich MP Ben Gummer’s Ten Minute Rule bill back in January for every taxpayer to receive an annual statement of how their hard earned money is spent has grown legs and will now be included in George Osborne’s Budget tomorrow.

From 2014, you and I will know exactly how our income tax and national insurance contributions are spent by our government, when we start receiving our annual tax statement through the post.

Listening and viewing the reports on the airwaves today Labour are finding it very difficult to argue against this “transparent” measure. They must be secretly seething that their profligate spending to create a client state during their thirteen years in power will soon be exposed to the nation. Because, by a wide margin, most of our taxes are spent on welfare. A person earning £25,000 a year pays £1,900 toward the country’s welfare bill.
This will be an excellent political tool at the general election (still planned for 2015) as it will shed light on the murky world of public spending in a way the ordinary voter will understand and, more importantly, feel in their pocket. Not only will sunlight hit the client state but the searchlight of transparency will shine on the public spending guzzler that is the NHS too. Going back to our £25,000 earner, he or she is currently paying £1000 towards the health service per year!
The new tax statements will cost £800,000 a year to produce – a drop in the ocean with the benefit to democratic accountability far outweighing the cost.

Mr Gummer is to be congratulated for his campaign to introduce this measure. Yet again the MP for Ipswich has actually done something in Westminster which positively benefits his constituents. This is still a novelty in the town after having Chris Mole as our Labour MP for nine years who thought he was the Government’s ambassador to Ipswich rather than the other way around.

The introduction of personal tax statements is a game-changer in the world of party political campaigning. We are all going to be a lot more aware of how our money is spent, which will lead to high tax and spend parties like Labour with nowhere to hide.

Author: gavinmaclure

IT professional; political blogger, former Conservative councillor

One thought on “Ben Gummer’s tax statement will be in Budget

  1. GavinBen said when he introduced the Bill in Westmister, that the cost would be £7.5 million- the new total seems slightly less!!!

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