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National Express disease infects Greater Anglia


It looks like Greater Anglia (owned by Abellio) have also be cursed with providing a service not fit for cattle on the Great Eastern mainline from London to Norwich.

This tweet exchange just in from Ipswich’s Cllr Bryony Rudkin:

The 19:00 from Liverpool Street is always busy as it is the first train after peak time and contains a lot of “lardydar” boarders (mainly girls from experience) going back to Mummy’s and Daddy’s houses in the Suffolk and Norfolk countryside for the weekend.
So why don’t Greater Anglia provide more capacity on this Friday service and take it away from the less busier services earlier in the day?

Author: gavinmaclure

IT professional; political blogger, former Conservative councillor

2 thoughts on “National Express disease infects Greater Anglia

  1. Just as I predicted – no operating company can make a real difference until Network Rail gets it's finger out. Dual the track each way north of Shenfield and you can have more frequent trains, which is better for everyone.

  2. Yeaah but Greater Anglia Are rubbish Any way NXEA or National express are way better than them. Greater Anglia just cant do there job propably

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