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Where’s Cameron’s mandate for legalising gay marriage?


During my years in politics I have had great opportunities to experience different cultures and listen to different viewpoints in life. It has been a humbling experience so far. And many of the people I have met during the last decade have been gay. I am for promoting the rights of all people in society and I have never had a problem with people being homosexual and I truly can say I have never met anyone in the Conservative Party who was homophobic in their words and deeds. I’ve met some pretty hard right wingers in the Tory Party and one of them, a married man, said he really did not care if a person is gay or not and I very much agree. I couldn’t care less what consenting adults get up to in their bedrooms – I don’t necessarily want to know about it but then I don’t really want to know what consenting heterosexual couples I know get up to in the privacy of their own home either. It’s just doesn’t bother me. This is why I support civil partnerships, which allow gay couples to publicly express their love for each other and wish to be with and support each other for the rest of their lives.

However, when it comes to marriage I don’t feel any government has a right to alter this extremely important and sacred institution. We have heard a lot of views recently on the Coalition’s plans to re-define marriage so that the word can be used to define not just a union between a man and a woman but between a man and a man or between a woman and a woman. But as David Cameron will find, it is not that simple. 
Marriage as an institution is thousands of years old and is a very unselfish institution: it is not just about the union of two people who love each other, for life. It is the bedrock of society; without it, I believe, society would start to collapse. For marriage is also for the procreation and upbringing of children, society’s next generation. The next generation that will pay taxes to support us in our old age, the generation which will produce our future Prime Ministers and legislators, the generation which will lead our religions, the generation which will protect and nurture our environment and planet. In short, marriage is the very essence of our survival as a species on Earth. That is not to say people must get married (it is their right not to) but marriage does provide a stable family unit where children grow up nurtured by a mother and father, which has been proven in many studies to be the best way of bringing up happy and successful young people.
The last time I looked, a man and a man or a woman and a woman could not bear children. That is why we must not be so selfish as to cut off the legs of society to show how modernising we are, or how progressive we are. Because to legalise same-sex marriage would not be progressing but would take our society back thousands of years. To the extent society itself would be at great risk of collapse.
In a recent poll, 70% of respondents agreed marriage should remain a “life-long exclusive commitment between a man and a woman”. This seems to have been lost on David Cameron. He is an incessant moderniser but he is almost mad in his strategy. For a start, his so-called modernisation of the Conservative Party actually led to the fourth consecutive general election defeat for his party. That should tell him something. Perhaps the British public don’t agree with a party that drops its principles at the sniff of a potential vote. And now he seems intent on his legacy being the legislation of gay marriage. This will only lead the Conservative Party to a fifth general election defeat in 2015. He may win over some left-wingers by legalising gay marriage or by allowing Clegg to abolish the House of Lords but he will destroy his Get Out The Vote campaign when the elderly ladies can’t be picked up and driven to the polling station because his activists haven’t turn up to help on polling day.
I expect to be attacked for this article but if you are part of what I believe is the silent majority who support the current legal definition of marriage, please do sign the Coalition for Marriage petition.

Author: gavinmaclure

IT professional; political blogger, former Conservative councillor

6 thoughts on “Where’s Cameron’s mandate for legalising gay marriage?

  1. Genuine question Gavin. Does this issue matter to people enough to make them stop being activists? Sure, there will be some grumbles by those who are genuinely against it for moral reasons. There will be grumbles by people like you, who have a traditional view of marriage. But will any of this actually stop people voting Tory or working for the party? Given there was a time when you had to be gay to get a job in Conservative Central Office, I'd say not. If it didn't bother activists in the 1980s, why would it really bother them now?This is about soft politics. It will show those who care that the Tories are no longer the party of bigotry, with nasty legislation. Those who dislike it are unlikely to change their votes. The realpolitik of this is whether or not the Tory party gains more votes from the pink lobby than it loses from the hardliners?

  2. "Genuine question Gavin. Does this issue matter to people enough to make them stop being activists?"I'm not Gavin, but yes it would bother at least one activist enough to stop. We've seen the closure of Catholic adoption agencies and we've seen at least one Conservative MP to call for the closure of Catholic churches if they don't knuckle under: has been no attempt to safeguard churches that hold to an orthodox Christian view on the subject and I've not seen any move even from our MP to build a safeguard in.

  3. Reblogged this on Gavin Maclure's Musings and commented:

    As the House of Commons is today voting on legislation to legalise gay marriage, I am reblogging this post I wrote in March last year.

    • Equal marriage gives those of us who are gay the assurance of no longer being 2nd class citizens, since civil partnerships are a second class form of partnership contract. Equal marriage gives us the choice to celebrate & sanctify our relationships in whatever manner is appropriate for each gay person individually. Furthermore the Conservatives in government are ensuring that religious organisations have to opt in to this, and the CoE and Church in Wales are blocked out by law and cannot participate. This should give people who have concerns on religious grounds some degree of security that their churches will not be forced to participate, unless they are of a more liberal group –e.g. the Quakers and Unitarians which will happily opt in immediately. I am sure that if it had been a labour government introducing this legislation, there would be no opt outs, as all faiths and churches would be automatically forced to comply.

      Equal marriage will not damage the strength of the relationship between between existing married (or un-married) couples; it will not change the divorce rate one little bit; and it will certainly not be damaging to society. Most people out there in the world of work and generally are comfortable with the changes proposed and see them as a natural step forward.

      Therefore those of us who are Conservatives, whilst completing respecting different opinions on this, should calmly reflect.

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  5. I wouldn’t be so sure about a Labour government. Tony Blair introduced Civil Partnerships that gave the gay lobby everything substantive (inheritance tax, visiting rights, intestate inheritance, etc) without causing much of a fuss at all. Cameron did not show the same sure touch.

    Also Blair opposed closing down Catholic adoption agencie, although it was the end of his time and he was forced down by a number of ministers. David Cameron supported the closure of Catholic adoption agencies.

    There are good reasons for supporting the party of the Orange Order and the great public schools, but their lamentable attitude towards religious liberty for the “papists” is not one of them.

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