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Shoot the Health and Social Care Bill today


It looks like the Health and Social Care Bill is heading for the operating theatre if not the morgue. The excellent Conservative Home website has sacked the Bill this morning in an editorial.

I agree with them. The Bill is not necessary to reduce inefficiency, that can be done with existing legislation. At the core of the Bill is GP-led commissioning. I think GPs are the worst people to be given more power over my health: they are generally rude, arrogant and many are patently incompetent. One area I would focus on, which again does not need new legislation, is better performance management of nurses who leave our elderly grandmothers to wallow in their own faeces, and thirsty because they don’t provide drinking water
I also agree with Conservative Home because the Bill has been an unmitigated communication disaster: no one outside of Government understands it, the humble Tory activist can’t explain it on the doorstep, and it is being led by a dull man called Andrew Lansley. 
Now Mr Lansley is a decent chap who I met during the 2005 General Election campaign when I led the Ipswich candidate’s campaign. But he was as dull as dishwater. Why on earth did Cameron think it was a good idea to give the mother of all political hot potatoes to Mr Lansley? I do not know!
The Health and Social Care Bill should be taken out and shot. Once we have a real Conservative Government in power we can really start the operation the NHS desperately needs to stop it treating our elderly in such a disgusting manner.
RIP Health and Social Care Bill. No Flowers.

Author: gavinmaclure

IT professional; political blogger, former Conservative councillor

7 thoughts on “Shoot the Health and Social Care Bill today

  1. Are your views on GPs and nurses the result of personal experience? In my (unfortunately) extensive experience of the NHS, I have rarely found anything other than competence (in some cases, brilliance), compassion and efficiency – often in the face of interference by ignorant politicians. My elderly parents also received the best of care in very difficult circumstances. The privately run, profit-making nursing homes I've seen are the ones people should be concerned about. I suspect you go private anyway as you obviously don't know what you're talking about.

  2. There we go: a socialist's knee jerk reaction to any criticism of the NHS is class warfare.I have experienced many an incompetent GP – did you know once they become a GP they never ever have to be reassessed for medical incompetence again for the rest of their career? Also it's not only my view on nurses – have a read of the Care Quality Commission report which said some actions of nurses at Ipswich Hospital was so bad it was illegal. I have also seen one pull a drip out of patient's arms and let the bag empty on to the floor – the P45 should have hit them immediately but because of appeasers like you they are allowed to continue to abuse our elderly at their most vulnerable.

  3. Oh, any by the way, no I don't "go private". I cannot afford to so I just pray I don't end up under the "care" of nurses at the hospital.

  4. I have found from my wide experience of observing politicians, both locally and nationally, that all of them are fiddling their expenses and troughing it. But then it's okay for me to say that Gavin because you do seem to be making massive generalisations about Nurses, GPs and hospitals.Perhaps I'm just lucky, but having spent a couple of periods in hospital, one of which was life threatening, and having had to as a result be monitored for several months by my GP and his associates, I can't say I had a negative experience at all, The nurses were caring, the doctors were, well doctors, they did their job exceptionally well, as they do in the vast majority of cases. My mum suffered a massive stroke at the age of 85, she spent three months in hospitals in Norfolk, was exceptionally well cared for in what were difficult circumstances. The problems only started when she was moved to a private care home, which ultimately cost her all her savings and her house, and resulted in her lying in her own faeces, being given incorrect dosages of drugs by barely trained idiots and being ignored and left hungry. Doubtless it also made someone a very healthy profit, big house new car and put money in some totally undeserving shareholder's pockets too.We moved her to a much more expensive nursing home to see out the last 3 months of her life. Even that wasn't great.If you involve profit in anything as a motivator, it ends up with someone being short changed, usually the service user. Blaming the nurses is just wrong, blame the people that institute all the stupid pointless changes that make it harder for people to actually do their job, and those people are the government.

  5. Gavin,I tend to value your opinions even if I do not agree with them but this post is so over the top it just sounds like a nasty right wing rant.My mother came to Ipswich as a trained Nurse in the 50's and was still working when she died in that profession, my sister is a Nurse and my father was an Optician. I find your comments both offensive and inaccurate. Not sure what you have against Ipswich Hospital and it's Staff? Wonder if Mr Gummer has thes ame view?

  6. Alasdair,I am sure there are some good nurses and doctors but there also some very bad ones. Some bad surgeons have been exposed in the press (see here: and still they are allowed to continue operating. And you can't get away from the fact that the CQC reports singled out Ipswich Hospital for nursing care that was so bad it was illegal (see here: can't use the old trick of making out the Tories are all evil on the NHS and the socialists are its saviours. The independent media outlets and patient care bodies are saying the same things as me. The NHS in its current form cannot continue. How more people have to suffer or die?I don't speak for Ben Gummer – again you lump all us Conservatives together (you can't help yourself!).

  7. Across the political spectrum we treat good teachers with respect recognising that they can be inspirational and they may be giving up a career with better pay. With bad teachers we recognise that they can be disastrous and we try to find ways of getting them out of the classroom (although union made rules are no help here). In all we're grown up about teachers, and this willingness to criticise teachers means that the profession is better for it.However with the health service we treat them as beyond criticism even though the price of incompetence can be death. The three comments here boil down to don't criticise medical staff, ever. It's a "nasty right wing rant". In short we are childish, and the profession is worse for it.I have close relatives who have both been in hospital and been working for the health service. And you know what? There are good and bad. I have seen excellent treatment and treatment that is life limiting.It should be no news that an institution staffed by human beings has sinners as well as saints. If some people started acting as grown ups rather than writing their next election leaflet the health service would be better. Ipswich Labour shouldn't be allowed in charge of a whelk stall, let alone a council.

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