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Why is Diane Abbott still a Labour MP?


The answer to the headline question is the same for why Ken Livingstone continues to be Labour’s London Mayoral candidate on 3rd May: they are both people of the Left.

Diane Abbott posted a racist tweet on Twitter which said “White people love playing ‘divide and rule'” and apart from being told to remove the offending tweet no disciplinary action was taken by the Labour high command and she was allowed to carry on as normal.

Now we have Ken Livingstone saying the Conservative Party is ‘riddled’ with gay people ‘like everywhere else’. Again, Labour leader Ed Miliband will take no action.

Just imagine if a Conservative MP had sent a racist tweet or if Boris Johnson had talked about homosexuality in such divisive terms. That would be it, game over. End of career.

But not for the Left it would seem. They have spent so long painting the Tories as the devil incarnate they now actually believe themselves to be all holy. This allows people like Ken Livingstone to spout their filth and cosy up to extremists like Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who has praised Hitler and the Holocaust, without any sanction.

As the Left are such strong advocates of equality, should they also not be treated the same as the Right?

Author: gavinmaclure

IT professional; political blogger, former Conservative councillor

3 thoughts on “Why is Diane Abbott still a Labour MP?

  1. Livingstone also has a record for making anti-Semitic remarks (google "Oliver Finegold"). He is clearly angling for the IslamIST vote.

  2. Absolutely Gavin. Any Tory MP caught doing something like this should be game over, end of career.Then again, maybe it is just a huge row blown out of all proportion. Do you honestly believe Diane Abbott is a racist? Or that Ken Livingstone is a massive homophobe? Useless arsehole maybe, but homophobe?Comic genius Steve Coogan tonight compared the Tory party running the NHS to Harold Shipman. A joke that Alasdair Campbell then tried to take credit for. Sick? Yes. But enough of all this faux outrage, on both sides.

  3. I know Dianne Abbot, and my wife knows her very well, and if the term racist applies to thinking less of a person because of the racial group they belong to then yes she thinks less of white people because they are white. If you are either useful or middle class then this tends to mean that you will be partially forgiven, but in any objective terms Dianne Abbot is a racist. That being said I don't remember her actually being nasty about it.Ken Livingston is a man filled with bitterness and hate towards many groups; Zionist Jews, Ulster Protestants and observant Christians to name but three. But no, he is not homophobic.

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