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What is a council for if not to collect the bins?

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Eric Pickles today announced that 80 councils have privately told him they plan to return weekly bin collections. Who these 80 councils are we don’t know. I suspect the People’s Socialist Republic of Ipswich Council is not one of them.

We give hundreds of pounds a year to the socialist (frankly, most really are) bureaucrats at our local council and how do the trots respond: they remove the basic requirement of a council from their list of things to do – to empty your bins!

Instead they have spent our money on “community cohesion”, giving money to charities who are stacked full of socialists who can’t get a real job so rely on council grants to pay their mortgage and employing 5-a-day coordinators and diversity officers. That and Labour’s perverse motivation to gold-plate every EU directive, including recycling targets.

Of course these 80 councils have not decided to go back to weekly collections out of any moral desire, they have been bribed by Mr Pickles to the tune of £250 million.

Now over to your Cllr Ellesmere: are you going to start collecting our rubbish again or are you still expecting us to rummage through our waste as if we all live on a dump heap in the third world?


Author: gavinmaclure

IT professional; political blogger, former Conservative councillor

One thought on “What is a council for if not to collect the bins?

  1. Our council collects food waste weekly and alternates between recyclables and non-recyclables each week. Being realistic about this, the non-recyclables are things like cellophane bags etc. which hardly poses a major concern even in the height of our wonderful British summers. Okay, so we are just a couple, so our waste output maybe lower than a family of 4, but even so, we have only ever filled recycling to overflowing, and they are happy to take the excess. Waste is collected weekly one way or another, and I am more than happy with the current scheduling, the only thing that would be beneficial would be the collection of TetraPak from the kerbside which would mean no special drives to our non-regular supermarket to drop it off.

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