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Labour vote against benefits cap

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Last night the amendments to the Welfare Reform Bill put down by the Bishops and the Lords to defeat the Government’s plan for a benefits cap of £26,000 were over-turned by the Government back in the House of Commons. Labour voted against the cap.

The Government won seven key votes to overturn the House of Lords’ amendments, therefore re-establishing the original Bill which includes the cap on benefits. Ministers then used a rule known as “financial privilege” to ensure Parliament approves the cap and therefore preventing another round of ‘ping-pong’ between the Lords and the Commons. A working person will still need to earn £35,000 to take home £26,000.

Labour expanded the Welfare State whilst they were in power between 1997 – 2010 to buy Labour voters. It is a classic socialist policy to ring fence the masses into a life of dependency, trapping them into voting Labour just to be able to eat and drink as every other avenue of aspiration and betterment has been blocked by the ruling Socialist elite.

The majority of British people are in favour of the handouts cap and many would like it to be even lower, myself included. It is patently unfair for someone to sit at home doing nothing all day but still be able to rake in £26,000 tax-free from the State whilst their next door neighbour is going out to work at 7am every morning and brings home nothing close to the same amount. This goes against the British sense of fair play.

Labour have shot themselves in the head never mind the foot.


Author: gavinmaclure

IT professional; political blogger, former Conservative councillor

One thought on “Labour vote against benefits cap

  1. …and there is of course loads of jobs for those made redundant. I guess you wouldn't know poverty if it slapped you in the face. Maybe you could ask your cleaner…

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