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Ipswich MP wants taxpayers to know where their money is spent

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UPDATE: Ben Gummer has now presented his Bill for Statements of Taxation to the House of Commons this afternoon. Hansard have a record of Mr Gummer’s speech and the subsequent Opposition (somewhat pathetic) retort here:

Ipswich MP Ben Gummer will today introduce a ten-minute rule bill to provide every taxpayer an annual statement of where their hard-earned tax is being spent. How much on defence, education, health etc.

I think this is a great idea and I would be very suspicious of those opposing it. Do they not want the public to know how much money is wasted on handouts, or international development or pointless climate change policies? Did you know that £4000 out of £10,000 you paid in Income Tax and National Insurance went straight to some work-shy sponger sat at home all day? Well, everyone would know if these tax statements became a reality.
The Sun newspaper covered the story yesterday here as did Peter Johnston in his Daily Telegraph column. The ConservativeHome website honoured Mr Gummer by depicting the idea in a drawing of him in a cartoon.

Courtesy of ConservativeHome

Supposedly, Chancellor George Osborne likes the idea so it might be one of those ten-minute rule bills that is more than just hot air.

The ten-minute rule bills usually take place after PMQs so Mr Gummer might actually be in the chamber for PMQs today…

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