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Thatcher hatred displays great ignorance


This Friday a film biopic on the political career of Baroness Thatcher is released at cinemas nationwide.
I have deliberately not listened, watched or read any reviews on The Iron Lady as I find doing so spoils the enjoyment when I get round to seeing the film but I see the usual suspects haven’t missed an opportunity to peddle their abuse towards an 85 year old woman.

More websites have been set up to count down the days until the former Prime Minister dies, including and social networks such as Twitter and Facebook are peppered with grotesque insults about her. Labour controlled Sunderland Council have officially condoned the revolting comments of their Deputy Council Leader who said she hopes Margaret Thatcher “burns in hell”.

And yet I feel more pity than anger towards these ignorant Socialists. They harp on about how Thatcher destroyed communities by winding down inefficient state controlled coal mining but in fact many miners and their families who had two brain cells to rub together and the nouse to move to find work took the opportunity to enter the burgeoning wealth creating private sector industries which helped take Britain from the basket case of an economy in 1979, and labelled as the “sick man of Europe” by our sneering European cousins, to the fourth largest economy on Earth by the time her legacy had been cemented in 1997. I personally know people who worked in the mines in Yorkshire who moved into the IT sector and saw their income rocket with a nice detached house to match. They aren’t weeping for the good ol’ days because they weren’t.

Socialists seem to forget what a mess this country was in before Margaret Thatcher came to power: three-day weeks, nightly power cuts, the dead laying unburied. Before Brown almost bankrupted the country again the UK was a transformed, rich country.  People became two or more car families, they had yearly holidays abroad, enjoyed lower taxes and bought affordable electronic goods – do the loony Left think this happened by accident? No, it happened because a brave, shrewd, tough, intelligent woman fought to the top of the Conservative Party and became our Prime Minister, implemented the policies of free markets and monetarism, which were rewarded by her winning three elections in a row.  The likes of Cllr Florence Anderson should stop and think why it is she has a standard of living only dreamt of by ordinary people in the 1970s, despite the economic mess her party has today got us into.

Margaret Thatcher was so successful that her second greatest legacy after the economic is the Left had to become more like her to get elected. Isn’t that right Tony?

There has also been premature talk of Baroness Thatcher’s funeral, which I hope is many years away. But when the great lady does pass away I would strongly support a State Funeral. This would be the only way of reflecting the incalculable positive impact of Thatcher’s economic policies on millions of lives in this country and the impact her foreign policies, along with President Reagan, had in freeing millions of Europeans from tyranny.

Quite frankly, Baroness Thatcher is our greatest living Briton – and long may that continue.


Author: gavinmaclure

IT professional; political blogger, former Conservative councillor

3 thoughts on “Thatcher hatred displays great ignorance

  1. The only Prime Minister, apart from Churchill, to have made any meaningful difference in the last 70 years. The left are only jealous because they have no-one to put up alongside her for comparison.

  2. Clem presided over the Government that created the NHS. Rather a meaningful legacy. That said, if it wasn't for Maggie, we'd have gone bankrupt in the eighties and the NHS would have collapsed. So in many ways, Mrs T can be said to have saved the NHS and all social welfare programs from the excesses of their inventors.Of course for long term consequences, you'd be hard pressed to beat Pitt (income tax) or Heath (EEC).

  3. Even as a Conservative supporter, I find it quite extraordinary how much Thatcher is revered nowadays, when the results of her policies are really coming home to roost. Since the demise of heavy industries we have seen great swathes of the country become economic wastelands, where deprivation, drugs and crime have become the norm, and all supported by the taxpayer through the benefit system. Other EU countries chose to (gently) subsidize some industries, which was not a Thatcherite idea, but cost them billions less than it cost us, and they still have thriving industries to help them through the current economic woes.

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